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It’s Not Delivery…It’s Dining Hall!

Jess Shaffer | Monday, February 8, 2010

While we may all frequently experience a hankering for the collegiate population’s favorite food group, not all of us can afford to constantly have delivery brought to us from our favorite off-campus pizza joint. Also, ordering in pizza every night could quickly earn you the wrong type of reputation among your hall mates.
So if you’d rather be social or just economical, make your way to your dining hall of choice (though obviously North is preferential in this situation).  With these dining hall recipes, you are sure to be satisfied by your “do it yourself” culinary concoction.

Breakfast Pizza
This is a great way to start the morning when breakfast offerings just aren’t doing it for you. It’s a sweet treat that can also end your day on a happy note. Either way, a love of peanut butter is necessary.
For this recipe, grab a bowl from near the cereal. Put a half a scoop of your favorite granola into the bowl. Next, make your way to peanut butter and add a good healthy glob of peanut butter to the bowl. If peanut butter is available at the ice cream topping station, this is a preferable option to the regular offerings, because it’s smoother and slightly more liquid. Also from the ice cream topping bar, stir in several spoonfuls of chocolate chips. Mix all these ingredients thoroughly by stirring with a fork. Keep this bowl on your tray for now.
Then grab a banana and slice half into thin slivers. Place these on a small plate.
Proceed to the “Make Your Own Pizza” line. Choose the crust of your choice. When they ask what kind of sauce, ask them to place on your peanut butter mixture on the crust and spread it around. For toppings, hand over the sliced banana. Now just wait a few minutes for this lovely, hot sweet treat. To finish perfectly, add a light drizzle of honey over the top.

Chicken Alfredo Pizza
If you’re not in the mood for noodles, but can’t deny your love for Italian food, then kill two birds with one stone by creating this delightful, rich pizza.
Head over to the Lighter Side and get two or three spoonfuls of peas. Next go over to the Pizza line. Choose your preferred crust; then ask for a very light tomatoes sauce.
Similarly, ask for light mozzarella cheese. For meat, request chicken. As for additional toppings, order your favorite veggies and also request for them to add the peas you got earlier. When your pizza comes out of the oven, take it directly over to the pasta line and drizzle alfredo sauce over the top. Now, you have a delicious creamy variation on an Italian favorite!

Almost Bruschetta Pizza
This is a relatively healthy pizza that is light and satisfying, though maybe not a meal in itself.
After picking white or wheat crust, request olive oil for your sauce. In addition to the olive oil, request that a healthy amount of diced tomatoes (from the additional toppings section) are substituted for sauce. Next, order topping of light mozzarella cheese. After the pizza has cooked, proceed to the salad bar and sprinkle your pizza with balsamic vinegar. Also, add garlic and herbs to your liking; they are available (usually) above the microwaves.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Want something spicy and tangy? Then this is for you!
Order a chicken pizza, with crust, sauce, and cheese to your like. A combo of white crust, pizza sauce and mozzarella is recommended but not necessary. Add a selection of vegetables, particularly onions and peppers.  Once the pizza has been baked, head over to the salad bar and add either blue cheese crumbles or blue cheese dressing, depending on your preferred texture. The hot pizza will melt in the blue cheese. Finally, drizzle Frank’s Hot Sauce over the top, and you just gave your pizza wings. Eat and enjoy!