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LGBTQ support from MEChA

Nicole Medina | Tuesday, February 9, 2010

 In light of the recent discussion relating to the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and questioning population on our campus, it has come to the attention of our club, MEChA, (Movimiento Estudantil Chicano de Aztlan) that the struggle these friends are facing now is not unlike the struggle many of us have faced in the past. We also have been mocked, told to change, been refused justice, even physically hurt. We know what it is to feel self conscious about our words, our actions and the way we look. To be afraid of persecution because of a characteristic we cannot change, a characteristic we are born with, leads us to not only doubt ourselves, but also the people we are surrounded by. Committing any of these actions, or ones like them, is against everything our Christian faith tells us.

We are supposed to love our neighbor, whether they are gay or straight, white or colored, men or women, as we would love ourselves. How then can our faith-based University tell us that these members of our school are not subject to protection against harassment and ridicule? Including sexual orientation in the non-discrimination clause does not mean the University condones homosexual or otherwise alternative lifestyles any more than including “religion” condones the practice of ritual sacrifice on campus. All it means is that the University respects these individuals as human beings with a particular difference that should not be targeted by any person, group or entity.
That being said, the members of MEChA proudly declare their support of all the LGBTQ community. We also support the inclusion of sexual orientation under the non-discrimination clause, and the observance of the Gay/Straight Alliance as an official university organization. It is well known that students walking around with bright orange shirts saying “Gay? Fine by Me” are allies of this cause. Now, we want it to be known that students wearing black and red MEChA shirts are, also.
In Solidarity,
Nicole Medina
Walsh Hall
Feb. 7