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New spoon location actually costs NDH more money

Mike Sullivan | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

According to Kevin Eller’s letter, “Spooning for Solutions,” North Dining Hall moved the spoons so that fewer students would use them, in hopes of saving money on dishwashing. If this is true, whoever made that decision is extremely misguided. While there are certainly many people who will refrain from taking an unnecessary spoon as a result of the relocation, there are an equal number of people who need a spoon but forget to pick one up. A student will sit down to enjoy his meal and realize that he has no spoon with which to eat his soup. The student is forced to double back and get a spoon. This journey will undoubtedly make the student even hungrier, causing him to consume more food. The cost of preparing this extra food effectively negates any dishwashing savings. When you factor in the number of students who continue to take a superfluous spoon out of spite or who end up with two forks and a knife, I am convinced that the spoon relocation actually increases costs for NDH. I whole-heartedly support Mr. Eller’s plan to move the spoons back where they belong with the forks and and knives.


Mike Sullivan
Zahm Hall
Feb. 16