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Spooning for solutions

Kevin Eller | Tuesday, February 16, 2010

 This letter is a response to Brendan Keeler’s letter (“Cloudy with a chance of meatballs,” Feb. 12). I really like North Dining Hall and its employees. You guys really do a great job providing us with such a wide selection of food everyday.

However, like Brendan Keeler, I am not happy about the placement of the spoons. Last year, the spoons were together with the forks and knives. All the utensils were right there. Since the beginning of this school year, though, the spoons were oddly separate. It confused the heck out of me, and nobody I talked to agreed with the move of the spoons. It just did not make sense to anybody, and it still doesn’t.
Well, I tried to get to the bottom of this problem, so I talked to an NDH student employee. He told me the spoons were moved so less people would use them and NDH would save money on dishwashing. Apparently, a lot of people were taking spoons and not using them.
This makes a good deal of sense, but I still want the spoons to be back with the rest of the utensils, so why don’t we find some common ground? Put the spoons back, but put a big poster over the utensils with a picture of a talking spoon that says, “Do you really need me?” and under that put a statistic about how many spoons go unused. People will see the sign and think to themselves either, “Yeah, I’ll need a spoon to eat my cereal/soup/pudding,” or “You know what? I really don’t need a spoon today. Thanks, talking spoon!” That way, NDH doesn’t have to spend more money washing unused spoons, and the rest of the student body doesn’t end up with two forks and a knife. It’s a win-win solution that really should happen.
Kevin Eller
Stanford Hall
Feb. 15