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The joys of rapping at fast food drive-throughs

Matt Brown | Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out in the unexplored reaches of the Internet lie untold riches in amusing videos, amazing songs and amicable, unwitting participants. A great source of these entertaining ways to put off work is the Interweb behemoth YouTube.

Now, rather than expounding at great length about the sheer variety of majestic moving pictures at your fingertips, I would like to direct your attention to the “drive-through sing your order” scene. It is one lush with variety and charming personalities on both sides of the order screens and is inspiring to all those who view it.

There is something surpassingly pure about being able to communicate your most heartfelt desires to people around the world through song. Only the greatest singers throughout history have been able to do it: Johnny Cash in “Ring of Fire,” Elvis Presley in “Blue Christmas,” Daniel Powter in “Bad Day” and 50 Cent in “Candy Shop.”

But only in these Internet sensations the subject is one we all can get excited about and share the desire for: food. Be it McDonalds or Taco Bell, in rap or folk song, these musical orders strike a chord in your very soul that resonates long after you have left that small Internet screen behind. The characters become friends that you shared an emotional journey with through trial and tribulation, misunderstanding and reordering, taking step after begrudging step towards the ultimate goal, fast foody satisfaction.

Every time that I watch these videos I am struck by the desire to go out and to follow in these brave men’s footsteps. Those who came before have paved the way for we who stand on the shoulders of giants. I have begun the long and arduous process of composing a musical number worthy of the drive through speaker at Wendy’s on U.S. 30, and so too I challenge you reader. Watch these videos, take detailed notes and study the style, rhythm, rhyme and flow of these masters of the culinary musical art.

Add this goal to your bucket list, to-do list, procrastination list, grocery list, any list your want as long as it is on there and progress is being made. Don’t let your fear of singing in public stand in your way. Take that fear and own it. Those around you are sure to be just as impressed as you were when you first heard dulcet tones streaming forth from your speakers, crooning out the need for a Big Mac. This is not a journey for the faint of heart but I have faith that you and I together can make a difference in one late night drive-through worker’s life.

That being said, these videos are a great source of idle entertainment. They are perfect for that 10 minutes you have before you really should buckle down on your homework but you can still get away with puttering around on the Intranets. It is sure to bring a smile, or at least the hint of a smile to your face even on the bitterest of bitter cold days here in South Bend, where even polar bears would complain of nasty weather. At the very least it brings up comforting images of delicious fast food fantasies sure to make the most stone cold of palates water. So happy hunting everyone, enjoy the songs, enjoy the videos and enjoy some fast food.

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