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Tickets run for Class Councils

Megan Doyle | Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seven tickets have been approved to run for Class Council. For Senior Class Council, two tickets have been approved, Junior Class Council, two tickets, and Sophomore Class Council, three tickets.
The elections will take place online from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. today.

Sophomore Class Council
uBrett Rocheleau, Kevin Doherty, Kathleen Kehl, Patrick Adams
Experience with student government at Notre Dame sets Brett Rocheleau’s ticket apart from the others in the running for Sophomore Class Council, he said.
Rocheleau, currently the treasurer for Freshman Class Council, is running alongside Kevin Doherty, Kathleen Kehl and Patrick Adams to represent the Class of 2013 next year.
“Our biggest event would be ‘Domecoming,’ a homecoming dance for the sophomore class similar to those held at other colleges,” Rocheleau said.
Some of the major plans incorporated in their platform also include class trips to Chicago and Cedar Point amusement park as well as a campus-wide poker tournament. Rocheleau said he hopes to see the sophomore class hand out free energy drinks during finals week.
Rocheleau said his class would host the annual Halloween dance, a class tailgate before a home football game and a service project with St. Baldrick’s Day and Feed My Starving Children.

uRichard Bevington, Ashley Armendariz, Elliot Pearce, Sadaf Meghani
Richard Bevington, Ashley Armedariz, Elliot Pearce and Sadaf Maghani hope to build an identity for the Class of 2013 that is influenced by its range of opinions and interests, Bevington said.
“We want there to be opportunities to break the bubble of our campus and learn about what our community can offer us, whether that is taking a local white water rafting trip or just learning what restaurants are in South Bend,” Bevington said.
The “Breaking the Bubble” platform centers on allowing the Class of 2013 to explore the world outside of campus and plans for interactive cultural events, such as salsa dancing lessons and cultural cuisine nights.
Class activities would also include a Disney movie night or a special pep rally for the athletes of the sophomore class.
In order to encourage students to share their thoughts for Class Council, Bevington would use idea boards and Class of 2013 Stall Notes to post ideas and stay updated on student government plans.
“We want to make the Class of 2013 a model for future classes in learning how to reach past the barriers that sometimes confine us at Notre Dame,” Bevington said.

uJohn McKissick, Brianna Neblung, Alex Draime, Ian Trudell
John McKissick, Brianna Neblung, Alex Draime and Ian Trudell hope to build an identity for the Class of 2013 centered around the relationships formed between members of the sophomore class.
“The main idea in our campaign is communication,” McKissick said.
“Communication is huge because in something like student government, a great idea can do nothing if it is not heard.”
McKissick plans to create an accessible and engaging Web site for the sophomore class to help facilitate communication.
McKissick cited choosing a major and planning for study abroad as areas that his ticket hopes to highlight in its plans. One event on the agenda is a stress-relieving dance called “A Night of Indecision.”
More transportation options for away games and more widespread service opportunities are also important elements of McKissick’s platform.
“We also want to commission work and projects by the Class of 2013 to unite and engage students as intellectuals,” McKissick said.

Junior Class Council
uChase Riddle, Paul Moya, CJ Kelly, Megan Carey
Chase Riddle and his running mates Paul Moya, CJ Kelly and Megan Carey will call on extensive experience in student government to make the Junior Class Council accessible to as many ideas form students as possible.
One of the featured events in their platform’s plans is a CEO coffee talk where students can sit down and speak with executives from various companies to learn from their input, Riddle said.
A quarter dog eating contest, a spelling bee and a four-square tournament would also be on the docket for a “useful skill decathlon” to bring students from different interest groups together. Junior Parents Weekend, a focus for Junior Class Council, would also include a charity ball or auction in order to give back to the community.
In order to maintain a unified Class of 2012, Riddle also hopes to plan activities to better incorporate and welcome students returning from study abroad.
“As leaders we want to focus on the things that are important but not leave any portion of the class out,” Riddle said. “As four people, we have to put together the ideas of all to allow for the dynamic of our class to develop.”

uJames Ward, William Thwaites, Tess Fitzpatrick, Lauren Ruhling
Tackling financial hurdles and creating an approachable student government are among the challenges that James Ward, William Thwaites, Tess Fitzpatrick and Lauren Ruhling plan to conquer as leaders of Junior Class Council.
“We would like to plan bigger events and make them more affordable to students,” Ward said.
Class apparel would be upgraded to include a wider and “nicer range of options,” including polo shirts and zip-up jackets, to fund larger events for the class.
Some possible events include a trip to the Indianapolis 500 and a class ball to replace Prom on the Lawn.
Their platform also includes service opportunities such as a class training day with the Human Society to make the service group more accessible to students.
Ward also hopes to set up informal “office hours” for Class Council in order for juniors to have a relaxed forum to contribute their ideas.

Senior Class Council
uTim Castellini, Jessica Leiferman, Brittany Johnson, Cole Patterson
Tim Castellini, Jessica Leiferman, Brittany Johnson and Cole Patterson plan to unify the Class of 2011 during their last year at Notre Dame if elected as leaders of Senior Class Council.
“The main reason I want to run for this is that, for me, it’s about making sure that our class leaves this place after having the best time it possibly could and leaving it better than we found it,” Castellini said.
Castellini hopes for more class events in Chicago and a networking series to help students learn how to make connections inside and outside of the Notre Dame community as they prepare for graduation.
The ticket’s platform also includes plans for a senior service competition to benefit the Notre Dame and South Bend communities.
In order to accomplish their goals, this team promises to more fully include other student organizations and leaders outside of student government in its decisions and projects.
“We want to make sure that what we do is for the whole class,” Castellini said.

uKate Clitheroe, Cath Flynn, Michael Wagner, Evan James
Celebrating senior year is the focus of the platform presented by candidates Kate Clitheroe, Cath Flynn, Michael Wagner and Evan James.
“We have been building our class community for a few years now,” Clitheroe said. “And we hope to continue that process to make it last through graduation and years to come.”
Events planned by the Senior Class Council would focus on integrating students living off and on campus and emphasizing the more sentimental experiences of senior year.
Senior Week would include not only traditions such as a Dunes trip and a Cubs game, but also a huge field day for seniors to represent their dorms in one last competition. Throughout the year, Senior Class Council would also hope to host a beer and wine tasting or Margaritaville night.
The four candidates also hope for the Class of 2011 to make a lasting contribution by supporting a local organization during its final year at Notre Dame and reunions in years to come.
“Our ticket is really excited because this is something that we really care about,” Clitheroe said.