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Why Megan Fox Bothers Me

Tatiana Spragins | Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A personality a little too shallow to make for an amiable interview, Megan Fox fails to impress in her latest interview with W Magazine. With looks that are unquestionably beautiful – dark long waves, steel blue eyes highlighted by arched eye brows and delicate, rosy lips — Fox is a pleasant break from the Barbie blonde America loves to love. Her daring and sultry attitude, tattooed arms and perfect body (all of which lead to apt Angelina Jolie comparisons) make you wish for an equally mesmerizing personality. Unfortunately, personality does not seem to be a forte for Fox.
After controversial comments about how “Transformers” wasn’t all that great of movie (surprise, surprise) Fox went on to star in the massive fiasco that was “Jennifer’s Body.” Luckily for her, however, that won’t be much of a problem since she recently signed a seven-figure contract with Armani underwear in what Fox claims will be a challenge because, not only is she “a Vargas girl” (and, when wearing lingerie, immediately “provokes a pinup image”), but she has no confidence. But that’s not the problem. It’s cool when celebrities as huge and beautiful as Fox show their insecurities (they’re humans too). The problem is in her contradictions and nonchalant-ness to everything. Where’s the charisma we used to find in celebrities? For that matter, where’s the talent? Fox herself said acting isn’t her talent. Instead, she’s “marginally talented at a lot of things.” What? What is that supposed to mean?
Let’s go to the beginning. Fox begins her interview complaining about photo shoots and how she hates them. Indeed, if you look at her pictures you can tell she isn’t having much fun (and likes maintaining that same facial expression … in every picture). Fox isn’t a fan of fashion either, and sticks to basic t-shirts and jeans, which is actually kind of cool. Again, normal. A little later, however, she talks about how she actively pursued acting in her youth and actually managed to get her mom to take her from Florida to L.A. to audition for a show (in which she ultimately got a role). A pretty determined and driven action for someone who would later say acting isn’t really her thing. Maybe saying that is better than saying she’s a natural even though her past roles haven’t been impressive (at all). Anyone remember Fox in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” with Lindsay Lohan or in “Holiday in the Sun” with the Olsen twins? Both characters are equally whiny. Maybe this says something about what Fox can do well.
She continues by saying how being a celebrity is such a burden. Boo Hoo. I mean, I don’t doubt this, I bet it really is a pain to have people follow you around, destroy your privacy and to become scrutinized by the public eye. What I do doubt is the legitimacy of her “I didn’t create this” claim. In 2008 Fox said, in an interview for a male magazine, that she once had a stripper girlfriend who “smelled like angels.” Turned out this was a lie. When confronted about that, she replied “Whatever.” And then she talks about how very maternal she is and how she’s worried she’ll get caught up in everything that’s going on in her life and forget to have children “even though I would be able to provide them with an amazing environment.”
Finally, she concludes about how she can’t trust girls in the industry. Everyone seems to resent her. Maybe if she kept a different attitude, things would be a little different. All it seems from this is that she leads a somewhat lonely life, where she doesn’t like being a celebrity and doesn’t trust her talent. I think Megan Fox needs a change of attitude. And we need to be more selective in the people we admire and pay many fortunes to. Whatever happened to all the Grace Kellys and Audrey Hepburns of the world?