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A lack of opinions

Jodie Sullivan | Thursday, March 25, 2010

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but sometimes, I eat lunch alone. Until recently, it’s actually been quite pleasant. Today, though, when I sat at my tiny little table and opened up The Observer to my regular source of mealtime entertainment, I was devastated. “WHAT?” I said. “NO VIEWPOINT WAR?” What was I supposed to do? I sadly turned to my phone and began randomly texting my friends so that I did not appear to be a social outcast (amongst all of my fellow solo diners).
The Viewpoint war is No. 71 on Bob Kessler’s fabulous blog, “Things Notre Dame Students Like,” but frankly, it is something that this Notre Dame student LOVES. I occasionally find myself quoting my favorite letters to my friends, who never get my references because they are not Arts and Letters, and thus do not have the same massive amount of free time to read and re-read Letters to the Editor as I do. As repetitive and annoying as they seem on the surface, the importance that Notre Dame students place upon their obviously “correct” opinions never gets old, just like the fact that some writers think that they will actually convince readers to take their side. Highly exaggerated and/or irrelevant personal experience? Check. Tireless, contradictory references to Catholic doctrine? Check check.
Come on guys, The Observer is just not the same without you. Isn’t there something worth arguing about? Alternative energy? The drinking age? Torture’s always a good one. The more incendiary and outlandish, the better. Or really, anything at all. Just so I don’t have to read the real news.

Jodie Sullivan
Pasquerilla East Hall
March 24