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ND offers variety of campus jobs

Sara Felsenstein | Thursday, March 25, 2010

College students are infamous for being short on change.

So what to do if you need a new weekend outfit or a video game?

Notre Dame offers many on-campus jobs, from food services to the Phone Center.
LaFortune Student Center employs about 200 students in food services, Jim LaBella, general manager of the Huddle, said.

LaBella said over 75 percent of those students work at the Huddle Mart.
“It’s a fun place to work, and you get to see your friends,” he said.

Student shifts are all two hours, and students can sign up for as few or as many shifts as they want. Most students work 10-12 hours per week. Students are paid according to the University’s standard pay rate, which is a $7.25 basic rate, $7.65 intermediate rate and $8.15 skilled rate. Students also get a $3 meal voucher for every shift that they work.
Sophomore Alyssa Sappenfield works at the Huddle Saturday and Sunday. 

“It’s nice, but working behind the cash register is really repetitive,” she said. “At the same time, you get a lot of customer interaction, and some of my friends come by to visit.”

LaBella said generally the most desired place to work in LaFortune is Starbucks. He said many student baristas put their work experience from Notre Dame on their résumés, and then get jobs at Starbucks near their homes in the summer.

Legends of Notre Dame also offers a wide variety of employment opportunities at both the night club and the restaurant, including positions like marketing assistant, club staff, waiter/waitress, graphic designer and Disc Jockey. 

General Manager Aaron Perri said about 100 students work for Legends.

The Legends hiring process for the upcoming school year begins in April. Perri said Legends likes to hire students for a yearlong basis, not by semester.

“I like to say Legends is one of the best jobs on campus,” Perri said. “You’re in an upbeat environment, a highly social atmosphere with some of the best entertainment in the country. You’re getting paid to be here, and sometimes you get to meet the performers or be close to them.”

Legends abides by the University’s standard pay rate, with an increase each year the student works there. 

Senior Christopher Tulisiak is a Marketing Assistant on Legends’ Marketing Team. He helps create promotional campaigns for each weekend’s shows and events.

“There are a lot of different angles from which you can [tackle the promotion] at,” Tulisiak said. “It’s very rewarding to a see a bunch a people come to a show that you promoted.”
Operations Manager of Reckers Mike Miller said the eatery is a fun place to work because of the social interactions both with fellow workers and with customers.

“Reckers is fast-paced, especially late at night,” Miler said. “Once students are confident with their skills, they can have more fun with the job. Some places on campus you’re a lot more removed behind the lines, you don’t have that contact.”

Students generally work four or more hours per week, but there is no set minimum, Miller said. However student managers must work a minimum of 10 to 11 hours per week.
“The starting pay is $7.40,” Miller said. “What happens is every year there’s a determination of what pay increases are available.”

The Phone Center is another opportunity for students to earn a little money.
“Starting pay for callers is $8 an hour,” Laura Fischer, assistant director of the Annual Fund, said. “Callers are able to get a merit-based raise each semester, but that is not guaranteed.”

At least four hours each week is required to work at the Phone Center, but many students work more often than that.

Student-run organizations on campus include Irish Gardens, the campus flower shop located in the basement of LaFortune, Alumni Hall’s Dawg Pizza, and Siegfried Hall’s Pizzeria Siegfried.

Sophomore Pete Elliott works in Pizzeria Siegfried on Monday nights. His responsibilities include making pizzas, coordinating deliveries and maintaining the overall cleanliness of the facility.

“I love the job. I get to see a lot of people and they treat you well because they don’t want to mess with their pizza,” he said.