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Shut up or get out!

Katie McKeough | Friday, March 19, 2010

As I listen to your conversation while I sit in the basement of the Library, I wonder why you think this is a good place to have a conversation about your trip to Panama City. Perhaps you have never been to a library before and do not know that they are not places for frivolity and conversation. Since we are all highly accomplished students, however, I doubt that this is the case.

Perhaps it is because you want to draw attention to yourself. Maybe you want to impress your study buddy. Maybe you’re trying (unsuccessfully) to hit on your study buddy. Maybe you just want everyone to look at you, your pile of books, and your four empty bottles of Five Hour Energy with pity.

As a reader, you may be thinking to yourself, “why don’t you lay down the law and tell people to shut up instead of wasting valuable study time to write into The Observer.” Well, just so you know, I’m that girl. If you’ve ever been to the basement of the library and struck up a conversation, then you know me. I’m the girl who marched up to your table and not-so-nicely pointed out to you that there are plenty of places to talk either on the first floor or in LaFortune. I’m the person who gets dirty looks from some (talkers) and high fives from others (fellow annoyed studiers). I’m the person who says, I don’t care why you’re talking, shut up or get out.

I am encouraging my fellow studiers and hard workers to join my “Shut Up or Get Out” movement. Join me in my march up to that noisy table, join me in my scolding of those scallywags. Eventually (hopefully), they’ll either shut up or get out!

After we successfully complete our mission of removing the chatter boxes, we’re going after the coughers and gum chewers.

Katie McKeough
Lyons Hall
March 15