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Scene talks to ‘American Idol’ alum Anoop Desai about his first album

Ankur Chawla | Monday, April 26, 2010

The “American Idol” star from last year’s season eight has continued his pursuit of the American dream by doing what he loves — making music. A few months ago he released his single “My Name,” which blends R&B beats with Eastern and Indian influences. The track of his independently released album “All is Fair” is as catchy as Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” while having the clever lyrics of Jay Sean’s “Down.”

I had the pleasure of speaking with him about everything from his time on “Idol” to his favorite meal when he’s back home.

Your album is set to release in a few weeks, what can you tell us about it?

Everyone I have shown it to so far has really enjoyed it, and I hope you and all the readers at Notre Dame agree. I pride myself in making every track unique and a potential hit on its own. This isn’t a CD with one or two good songs and the rest space-fillers.

Do you plan on going on tour for this album?

Yeah! We don’t have all of the specifics yet, but I plan to go on tour across the country as well as internationally, making stops in the Philippines and India.

If you could open for anyone who would it be?

I had the pleasure of opening for Sean Kingston a few weeks ago, and that was really cool especially with the contrast in our music: me with a full band and him with a track in the background. If I could choose I’d love to open for someone like Jason Derulo or Ne-Yo.

What has life been like after “Idol”? Do you stay in contact with a lot of the people from the show?

It’s been great! The tour was amazing, and spending that much time with everyone they basically became family. While it’s tough to meet them, we’re all across the country now, we try to stay in touch.

Have you been keeping up with this season? Who do you like so far?

Yeah, I have. This season has a ton of talent, and I really like Crystal or Mike to win it all.

Of the nine seasons who has been your favorite idol contestant?

Fantasia was something else. Her journey and success was so inspiring and she was so talented.

If you hadn’t made it on “Idol,” what would you be doing right now?

I’d probably be studying for finals like you. I was a grad student at UNC before auditioning for “Idol.”

What do you do outside of the music world? Hobbies?

You know, before “Idol,” music was my escape, what I did outside of classes. It’s so great now to be doing what I truly love doing as my full time endeavor. But other than that, I do the normal stuff, I love hanging out with my friends and such. Also, if you were to ask them, “What is Anoop good at or known for?” they’ll say eating and drinking wine. I love food.

What’s your favorite meal?

Other than the home-cooked Indian food, my favorite would be Mediterranean and Greek food. Though, my all time favorite meal was when I went to this restaurant named Eve in this old town Alexandria in Virginia. They had new age-y French fusion food, and it was a nine-course meal. I took pictures of every dish because it looked so awesome

Do you think you’ll do a performance at ND next fall?

I’d love to perform at Notre Dame! I’m really hoping to target colleges for the tour, and I love Notre Dame. If you guys ask me to come I’d be more than happy to!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the student body at Notre Dame?

I want to thank everyone at Notre Dame; hopefully I’ll get to see you this fall! Also, I’m a huge Carolina Panthers fan and am excited your star quarterback will be playing for us next year!