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St. Baldrick’s Day

Tiffany Robak | Friday, April 16, 2010

It was pretty awesome taking two-minute showers, and even cooler that I was able to get ready in less than 10 minutes every day (depending on how long my clothes selection would take), but the best part about it all was knowing that I shaved my head for an amazing cause, and I am hoping to tempt you to do the same.

It’s just hair; it grows back so unbelievably fast it will be as if you never even shaved your head. You will get to experience so many different hairstyles.  And when it has all grown out, instead of wondering what your favorite style is, you will go through pictures like you would go through a catalogue and you can choose what you want to look like. It’s actually pretty bizarre and so awesome. You will be raising/donating money to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a foundation that raises money for childhood cancer research. You never know whom your contribution will benefit. By helping researchers come closer to finding a cure, it could end up that you were helping your cousin, your niece or nephew or even your child. There will be a cure one day for this dreadful disease. We will continue to work together to find it, I hope you will too.

So if you’re a boy, come get a $10 haircut; even better, have your friends pitch in a few bucks, too. Heck, fundraise your life away.

And if you’re a girl, truly consider it. It was the best decision I have ever made; there was not one second, not even one millisecond, when I regretted shaving my head, even on the days when I looked in the mirror and wondered if people still thought I was a girl. But let’s all be honest, even with long hair we all have those days when we ask that question — or is that just me? Still, the point is that even then I did not regret shaving my head.

Alright, now go be so college and do something crazy! Shave your head, donate or help your friend fundraise.


Tiffany Robak


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April 13