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Midnight snack or midnight scam?

Matt Brown | Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For the past two years I have enjoyed the traditional quarter dogs at the Huddle Mart. All summer long, I have yearned for a post midnight snack that would cost only one quarter. But something happened last night at LaFortune that left a bad taste in my mouth. Quarter in hand, I approached the cashier to purchase a supposed QUARTER dog. To my utter disbelief, the girl behind the counter requested eight more cents than I was expecting. “Thirty-three cents,” she demanded.

For a brief moment I believed her comment to be in jest. Upon further review, I saw the sign for midnight dogs: 99 cents for three.

How could this be? I came here for quarter dogs. Not midnight dogs.

And so I say thank you to the Huddle. Thank you for trampling on the tradition of Notre Dame and destroying all my hopes and expectations for the fall semester.

Without hesitation, I stepped back from the counter and returned my long-awaited snack to the rip-off dog station.

I realize that yes, it is only eight cents more. But what’s next? A fence blocking that path to DeBart?

Matt Brown


Knott Hall

Aug. 25