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Show some faith

Daniel Colt Collins | Friday, August 27, 2010

This letter is in response to Mackin Bannon and Rachel Cotton’s answers to The Observer’s “Question of the Day” on Aug. 25. While Brandon Saia, Stephanie Prince and Tierney Roche correctly predicted an undefeated season for the Fighting Irish football team in 2010, Mackin and Rachel had the audacity to predict nine and 10 wins after only their second day as Notre Dame students.

Mackin? Rachel? Where’s the faith? What reason have you to believe in anything less than perfection? What has caused you to become jaded so soon into your lives as Domers?

I’ve lived through dark times as a student. I came to Notre Dame during Brady Quinn’s final year amidst a hurricane of hype about how great our team was supposed to be. I thought I felt bad after a brutal loss in the Sugar Bowl that year, but then came the worst three-year stretch in the history of our program …

After witnessing 3-9, 7-6 and 6-6 from the student section, I feel as though skepticism should be justifiable. Even so, I still stay true to my duty as a Domer by refusing to let doubt creep into my mind. Night is darkest before the dawn. In our case, night was darkest two seasons ago.

Now, as Coach Kelly ushers in a new era of Fighting Irish Football I urge you to look around at the rays of new hope that wash over our campus and reflect in Our Lady atop the Golden Dome herself. Right now, a new energy unfamiliar to any current student is stirring just beneath the surface. Anticipation is mounting, and the echoes are nearly ready to be awakened. In just ten days, thunder will shake down from the sky over Notre Dame Stadium. It is up to all of us to recognize the opportunities we currently have as coaches, players, faculty, staff, administrators, and especially the players, the band, and the students, to take advantage of our short time here by doing our own part to carry on the Spirit of Notre Dame.

You will look back on these days for the rest of your lives, and our tradition will live on through the stories you share with our future generations. Wouldn’t you rather have your own stories begin like those of Brandon, Stephanie and Tierney? Wouldn’t you rather start off as a true believer?

Go Irish! Beat Boilers!

Daniel Colt Collins

law student

Class of 2013

Aug. 25