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An unexpected news

Paul Go | Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Three years ago one of my daughters who is in her 30s announced that she was expecting a baby although she wasn’t married. My wife and I were stunned. We have eight children and Rebekah is number four and nothing quite as dramatic had ever happened to the others. We immediately asked and was assured that she would proceed with the pregnancy to term. We explored the options, adoption or keeping the baby but decided that it was too early to make a decision. Fortunately, her boyfriend was very supportive even asking Rebekah to marry him. She wasn’t ready yet, one thing at a time.

I told the news to one of my best friends at Notre Dame and we had numerous discussion about this. His advice to me was very revealing and extremely helpful. He said, Paul think of it from the perspective of the baby. All the baby wants is to be born and to be fully taken care of. She (the baby) doesn’t care whether she is born to two parents or one very frightened mom. When a woman is pregnant our care and concern are almost exclusively with her almost forgetting about the baby. When my friend said that to look at it from the baby’s perspective my thinking completely changed. I immediately thought of my yet to be born grandchild and all her possibilities. Her incredible potential to grow up to be whatever the Lord wants her to be. Suddenly I saw Rebekah in a new light, now it is not only Rebekah but Rebekah and the baby.

I am writing this to those of you who may be expecting a child out of wedlock. Please look at it from the baby’s perspective. Whether you will keep the child or give him or her out for adoption is up to you. But to give birth to the baby is yours and yours alone to do and give.

Now Bethany is two and a half years old, very precocious in everything that she says and does, a truly wonderful child. Also Ryan, Bethany’s dad married Rebekah a year and a half ago in a real joyful and beautiful ceremony. They are expecting their second child.


Paul Go


HPC Engineer

Sept. 14