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Section 32

Chris Masoud | Thursday, September 16, 2010

I was sitting comfortably in the press box this Saturday, taking in another great matchup between Notre Dame and Michigan. In the press box, you can’t raise your voice, express any emotions or do pushups with the folks over at ESPN.

Over in section 32, a group of buddies were enjoying the game with their fellow sophomores.

Somehow a group of two female Michigan fans managed to get by stadium security and work their way to the bench in front of them. Proudly wearing their maize and blue, they began displaying their support for Michigan football. They went so far as to cheer for Denard Robinson when he made a big play.

Thoroughly disgusted, one of these sophomores pushed the two girls in front of him off the bench. For the rest of the first quarter, the entire section blasted this kid for being too aggressive and physical, forcing him to leave the game.

I’ve been a member of Men Against Violence since freshman year, but section 32, are you serious?

After talking to a couple of eye witnesses, the “push” was somewhere between a love tap and an arm tackle against Denard Robinson. Either way, it’s ineffective and harmless.

More importantly, it is the ultimate example of why the Notre Dame student section is a joke and why I’ve stopped sitting there.

If two Michigan fans somehow made it into my section, I would get down on my knees and praise God for such a great opportunity. How many times do you get to abuse someone guilt-free for four quarters, let alone two fans of your biggest rival in your own house?

Shame on you, section 32. Not only did you not pray, you didn’t even acknowledge the contribution of someone who took initiative. He recognized an enemy in Irish territory and did his alma mater proud.

Section 32, what was the last thing you did for your alma mater? Instead of applauding and encouraging the actions of one of your own, you disowned him. Instead of taking up his cause, you turned your backs against him. You’ve lost the right to call yourselves the Fighting Irish, and you are dead to me. Thanks to you and that YouTube video, we are finally living up to our reputation as the tamest student body in North America, hands down.

There were nine total arrests this weekend. I could get more arrests if I threw a bridal shower next Friday night. There is absolutely no reason Arts and Letters majors should not be getting tossed every single Saturday, especially after a loss. Where is the obscene language? Where are the fights?

Opposing fans should be physically afraid for their own well-being before coming into our house. Thanks to 32, they can rest assured that they will be well-treated and taken care of in the student section.

If you don’t believe a word of what I’ve just said, I recommend sneaking into the student section at East Lansing. I hear the Spartans do a great job of welcoming the Irish.

As for me, I will continue to sip club soda in the press box. I prefer going to church on Sunday afternoons, not Saturday.

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