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Shake up the thunder

Todd Velianski | Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I confess that I did not grow up a Notre Dame football fan, but my freshman year turned me into a fervent convert, and this convert’s zeal is what impels me to write on the issues of two abuses which cause me distress.

The first is directed to freshmen: Slow down! At the past two home games, I’ve noticed that the Freshman section claps, sings, and cheers at a cadence much faster than is proper. I certainly admire your enthusiasm — really, I do — but your tempo is off. The Notre Dame band, leprechauns and lovely cheerleaders are well versed. Look to them (particularly the lovely cheerleaders), and they will lead you in the correct performance of our beloved songs and cheers.

This, however, is nothing compared to the dismay I feel when I look over to the junior and senior sections, however. While no upperclassman friend of mine is guilty of this (for I keep good company), very few of their confreres join in supporting our team with heart, hands and voice! Where are the cheers? Where are the curses of death uttered against our opponents? For shame, juniors and seniors, for shame. The sunburnt, clap-happy freshmen are beating you in Irish pride.

I know it’s been a rough season, but let that not deter us from giving our players, our school and our tradition their due.

And if anyone is hungry before the game, I heartily recommend Knights of Columbus steak sandwiches, sold every home game outside the Knights’ Hall on South Quad. Go Irish, and let’s shake up some thunder from the upperclassmen.

Todd Velianski


Keough Hall

Sept. 20