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If guns are outlawed…

Michael Martinson | Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear Ryan Williams (“A Safer World Without Guns,” Sept. 30),

You seem to believe that an AK-47 can be used in a Tony Montana-style shootout on a room full of people. An AK-47 has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds, with a fully automatic rate of fire of 600 rounds a minute. This means that if someone were to happen to successfully empty an entire AK-47 magazine on full auto, his or her magazine would be entirely empty in only three seconds.

However, this is entirely moot, considering fully automatic weapons are not legal for civilian purchase in the United States. Now that we have established this, you also seem to be opposed to the purchase of even semi-automatic weapons. If someone were to invade a house, approach you on the street, or, even better, open fire on your school, with a weapon, and you were to have a single- or double-action revolver, or a bolt- or pump-action firearm, and you happened to miss the attacker with your first shot, well, game over. With a semi-automatic weapon, this risk is averted because it will reload automatically.

Now, one question remains: that is whether or not it should be legal to own a semi-automatic rifle as opposed to a pistol. Now, I personally believe semi-automatic rifles should be legal considering that from a long range, rifles are significantly more accurate. This ability could certainly be proven necessary in some cases. Simply put, restrictions on owning firearms will not prevent criminals (prepared to break laws against robbery and murder) from breaking laws against gun ownership. In order to protect ourselves against these people, semi-automatic gun ownership could prove very necessary.

Michael Martinson


O’Neill Hall

Sept. 30