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Students build website for athlete health advice

Melissa Flanagan | Friday, October 1, 2010

About one year ago, brothers Chris and Will Salvi and brothers Matt and Jack Berg began working on their athletic development website, liftedathletics.com.

The website was designed to give athletes advice on nutrition, workouts and overall health and fitness.

Chris Salvi and Matt Berg are both in their junior year at Notre Dame. Will Salvi, who also attends Notre Dame, and Jack Berg, who attends University of Illinois, are sophomores. All of the boys are from a suburb of Chicago and have been friends since their youth.

In high school, the boys were heavily involved in sports and worked out at the same gym. They picked up many tips throughout the years and wanted to share this advice with others.

“We’re both into health and fitness and we wanted to put that information out there for people to find and not have to search around a bunch of sites,” Chris said about himself and Matt.

In the nutrition section, the website contains information such as what foods do certain things for your body and recommended foods and supplements for before and after working out.

“Say you’re an athlete and you want to know what protein to buy, we have a section that recommends protein,” Matt said. “We can tell you what not to waste your money on.” 

The site contains a weight lifting guide, which has videos and picture descriptions that shows how to properly lift and exercise, as well as specific workouts for different parts of the body.

Matt Berg, who played football as a freshman for another college, and Chris Salvi, who plays for Notre Dame, said although some of the workout guide they found through research, most comes from their personal experience.

“A lot of things from football we implement into helpful things for the site,” Chris Salvi said. “And I definitely use a lot of information from it. If I feel it should be put on then I find it beneficial also.”

Although their main personal experiences have involved the game of football, lifeandathletics.com also has sections dedicated to other sports such as baseball and basketball.

“We get a lot of information from other athletes as well,” Matt Berg said. “We’ll talk to track runners, baseball players, and we’ll see what works for them.”

Another major part of the site is supplement distribution. The boys are associates for network marketing companies and sell products such as multivitamins, optimizers and meal replacements.

One company, Asea, has a brand new product that is supposed to help a person’s immune system to function on all cylinders, helps with recovery, and lowers the heart rate.

“We’re looking to increase our distribution of supplements,” Chris Salvi said. “We have a good flow right now of giving out and selling to people.”

Although there is already a wealth of information on the site, it is still developing, Chris Salvi said.

“It’s a work in progress,” Chris Salvi said about lifeandathletics.com. “It’s constantly being updated, we work on it pretty much every day.”

Matt Berg said the boys have mainly used the Internet for exposure so far but the response they have received has been positive.

“We’ve only had an increase in hits,” Chris Salvi said. “There’s been a constant growth every month since we started.”

That growth comes in part from non-athletes, Matt Berg said. He believe the website has a wide range of fitness and nutritional information that can be used by anyone.

“Basically, anyone who’s into fitness,” Matt Berg said, “you should come here.”