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We will never forget him’

Members of the Notre Dame faculty | Sunday, October 31, 2010

To the Sullivan Family, and to the entire Notre Dame student body:

We, as members of the Notre Dame faculty, wish to express our grief, shock and horror at the death of Declan Sullivan. Our hearts and sympathy go out to you all. Many of us feel bereft and helpless in the face of this terrible tragedy.

Declan’s untimely death, and what we have learned of his life, promise and talents, remind us that every one of our students is precious and absolutely irreplaceable. We promise that, whether or not we knew Declan personally, we will never forget him.

With love, sympathy and solidarity,

Members of the Notre Dame Faculty


Gail Bederman                                                                   History, Gender Studies

Dianne Pinderhughes                                       Africana Studies, Political Science

Stephen Fredman                                                                 English

Sylwia Ptasinska                                                                    Physics

Ireneusz Janik                                                                        Rad. Lab.

Susan Fullerton Shirey                                                         Electrical Engineering

Fr. Tom Blantz, CSC                                                              History

Marc Rodriguez,                                                                    History

Alexandra Guisinger                                                             Political Science        

Carl Palmer                                                                            Political Science

Allyssa Gillespie                                                                     German & Russian

Hildegund Muller                                                                  Classics

Sherri Jones                                                                           Libraries

Linda Przybyszewski                                                            History

Geoff Layman                                                                        Political Science

Jim Smyth                                                                               History

Jessica Graham                                                                      History

Jason Ruiz                                                                              American Studies

Elliott Visconsi                                                                       English;  Law School

Vera D. Profit                                                                         German & Russian

Tobias Boes                                                                           German

Tom Stapleford                                                                     Prog. of Liberal Studies

Maha Houssami                                                                     Classics

Alvin Plantinga                                                                      Philosophy

Thomas P. Flint                                                                     Philosophy

William J. Abraham                                                               Philosophy

Jerry L. Walls                                                                         Philosophy

Kristin M. Hager                                                                    Biology

Jennifer Tanks                                                                       Biology

Karen Graubart                                                                     History

Vincent Phillip Munòz                                                           Political Science

Peri E. Arnold                                                                        Political Science

Patrick Clauss                                                                        Writing Program

Mahan Mirza                                                                          Classics

Ben A. Heller                                                                          Romance Languages

Kate Marshall                                                                        English

Charles M. Rosenberg                                                          Art History

Patrick Vivirito                                                                Romance Lang. & Literature

Samantha Noel                                                                      Art History

Patrick Martin                                                                  Romance Lang. & Literature

Patrick  Wimmer                                                                   German & Russian

Ines Callalli                                                                       Romance Lang. & Literature

Denise M. DellaRossa                                                           German & Russian

Gretchen Reydams-Schils                                                     Prog. of Liberal Studies

Kevin Mongrain                                                                     Prog. of Liberal Studies

Valerie Sayers                                                                       English

Matt Benedict                                                                        English

Susan Cannon Harris                                                            English

Barbara Green                                                                      English

William O’Rourke                                                                  English

Christopher Fox                                                                    English

Julia Douthwaite                                                        Romance Lang. &Literature

Steve Tomasula                                                                     English

Robert E. Sullivan                                                                  History

Ted Beatty                                                                             History

Kathleen Cummings                                                              American Studies

Barbara J. Fick                                                                       Law School

David Hachen                                                                        Sociology

Larissa Fast                                                                           Kroc Institute & Sociology

Dan Graff                                                                               History

Janet Kourany                                                                       Philosophy    

John M. Duffy                                                                         English

Patricia Blanchette                                                                Philosophy

Laura Bayard                                                                        Hesburgh Libraries

Clark Power                                                                           Prog. of Liberal Studies

Margaret Porter                                                                    Hesburgh Libraries

Carolina Arroyo                                                                    Political Science

Sean T. O’Brien                                       KeoghNaughton Inst of Irish Studies

Lionel M. Jensen                                     East Asian Languages & Culture

Sara L. Maurer                                                                      English

William Krier                                                                         English           

Tom Hall                                                                                English

Jon Coleman                                                                      Histor