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Baraka Bouts: Boxers pair up, compete in bouts after months of training


Marissa “The Ginger Juggernaut” Gaskill def. Hayley “The Haylestorm” Coffing

From the start of the match to the final bell, Gaskill dominated Coffing in an aggressive showing. She threw some punches early and gained control by the end of the first round.

Coffing put up the best fight she could, but became worn down by the end of the second round.

In the third round, Gaskill took over as Coffing struggled to defend herself. She fell into the ropes at one point and landed few punches for the remainder of the match.

Gaskill won in a unanimous decision.

Shayna “Foe” Sura def. Megan “Million Dollar” Malley

The match was even in the first round, but as it progressed, Sura took control with multiple shots at the head. Sura’s aggressiveness in the second and third rounds made the difference.

Sura caught Malley on her toes often in the last round, and delivered a number of relentless headshots, causing the referee to stop the match briefly.

Although Malley had some bright spots in the match, Sura was able to capture the split-decision victory.

Shannon “The Collider” Hughes def. Alexa “The Cuban Missile” Wilson

Hughes gained control at the beginning of the match and kept it until the final bell sounded.

While Hughes controlled the tempo and delivered many staggering blows to Wilson in the beginning, the intensity picked up in the third round as both sides were able to get some solid punches in.

Although Wilson had some of her strongest punches in the third round, it was not enough to secure a win, and Hughes won the match unanimously.

M.J. “Wolverine” Durkin def. Kristen “The Durbinator” Durbin

Durkin took control of the match in the beginning and maintained that control throughout the whole fight. She was in attack mode, and seemed to catch Durbin off guard with her aggressive attacking tempo.

Durkin was relentless from beginning to end, often cornering Durbin and nailing punches when the sophomore from Pangborn least expected it. Durkin’s attacking style secured the unanimous victory.

Meggan “The Tooth” Muller def. Tegan “Gimme some Carmax so my lips don’t get”


Muller and Chapman had as tight of a fight as was seen all night. Each had her fair share of punches, and each came out with a sense of urgency that carried them from the first bell until the final bell.

By the end of the third round, Muller kept her composure and separated herself from Chapman with a number of impressive combinations that enabled her to capture the victory.

Marina “Oh-H” Ramos def. Franci “In her boots Ya’ll” Rooney

This match started off very intense as both fighters showed some early emotion and energy. The first round was evenly fought and neither fighter had separated herself from the other by the end.

By the third round, Ramos landed several headshots, which lead to her victory by unanimous decision. Rooney also had her fair share of sparks during the fight, but was not able to hold off Ramos to secure the judges’ decisions.

Mollie “Chumbawamba” Howard def. Norah “Wildcard” Hass

The match started off slowly, with neither fighter throwing many punches. The pace picked up late in the first round, with both Howard and Hass landing multiple jabs.

The beginning of the second round belonged to Howard, as she hit Hass with many punches.

However, as the round continued on, Hass fought back, using a number of combinations to keep it close.

But in the third round, an aggressive Howard came out firing and took firm control. Hass tried to rally, but it was too late, and Howard was awarded the split-decision victory.

Dina “Saurus Rex” Montemarano def. Kaitlyn “The Volcanic Ash Cloud” Howard

Montemarano attacked fellow junior Howard with her arms wide-open, disregarding defense for a stronger offensive attack.

Howard accepted Montemarano’s invitation and peppered her with straights and jabs to the face.

Montemarano’s offensive attack was fearsome, however, and clearly carried a lot of power. Howard was able to throw more punches, but it seemed that Montemarano’s were slightly more accurate and carried a little bit more force.

In a fearsome battle, Montemarano was able to carry the day with a split-decision going her way, but not without a valiant and powerful effort by Howard.

Rose “The Rivetor” Raderstorf def. Michelle “Hungry Hungry” Hopke

Raderstorf, a sophomore from McGlinn and a lefty, used her right jab to her advantage and peppered Hopke with every opportunity. In addition to having her left-handedness as an advantage, Raderstorf also had the benefit of a clearly longer reach than Hopke. This allowed Raderstorf to throw punches at Hopke without being in range to receive them herself. Hopke used a powerful left hook whenever she could draw Raderstorf in close enough and attacked her flank on multiple occasions.

The two fighters disregarded defense for most of the three rounds. They lined up and traded punches, and ultimately Raderstorf’s jab and reach won out, carrying her to victory in a split-decision.

Katie “Make ‘em Say Ugghh” Meunier def. Alicia “The Texas Hammer” Danto

The two fighters took a defensive strategy and ducked and dipped their way through a defensive stalemate. Like two pilots engaged in aerial combat, the two fighters waited until they had maneuvered into perfect position before throwing their strikes. When they struck, they struck quickly and efficiently.

Meunier, an off-campus senior and a lefty, used her right jab as her main attack, throwing it multiple times and hitting her target. Danto, a junior from Howard, fought Meunier’s jab with a nice one-two combination. The fighters showed great composure in the ring and, unlike many fighters, were able to maintain their defensive techniques throughout the fight. Ultimately, in a split-decision, Meunier won over the judges and took the fight.

Brittni Alexander “The Great” def. Katie “The Rainmaker” Raskob

Both fighters came out strong and energetic in an intense first round. They both landed a number of punches, but as the first round wore on, Alexander began to gain the upper hand.

She maintained that slight edge for the entirety of the second round, although Raskob remained tough in her first Baraka Bout match.

The final round belonged to Alexander, who came out aggressively and overpowered Raskob for the last minute and a half. Raskob was forced to defend herself and fight defensively rather than throw any punches of her own.

Alexander won by unanimous decision.

Ally “Ali” Schneider def. Kelly “The Cajun Cannon” Nolan

In the first round, Nolan came out very aggressive, gaining an early lead. Schneider managed to take control later in the round, landing numerous hooks and jabs.

Schenider began to run away with the match in the second round, coming out aggressively and landing multiple punches. Schenidar also managed to avoid Nolan’s punch attempts with successful dodges.

In the third round, with her back against the wall, Nolan went all-out, hoping to pull off a comeback. But Nolan quickly tired, leading to Schneider increasing her lead and ultimately winning in a unanimous decision

Nina “Persian Punisher” Farivari def. Annie “No Need to Duck” Castner

In a hotly contested bout, Farivari, a senior in McGlinn, defeated Pangborn sophomore Castner in a split-decision.

Farivari’s determination and counters enabled her to deal with Castner’s aggressiveness from the outset of the fight. An even first round ended with both fighters landing numerous combinations.

An even more hotly contested second round followed the first, as both Farivari and Castner fought to establish dominance, though neither was able to do so.

Farivari pulled away in the third and final round, wearing down the fatigued Castner on her way to the split-decision victory.

Deirdre “Blackout Brigade” Murdy def. Steph “Dude Where’s” Makar

This match between two tall, physically imposing fighters saw Murdy, a South Bend native, defeat Makar, a senior in Walsh, in a unanimous decision.

At the outset, both attempted to use their length and impressive reach to keep the other at bay, forgoing the brawling style of many of the other fights. Murdy showed an edge in the first round that she maintained throughout the rest of the fight.

Murdy’s reach continued to wear down Makar in the second, landing numerous violent combinations.

Though the third was hotly contested like the first two, Murdy established dominance in the third and never looked back.

Laura “Gideon” McCarty def. Maria “Munchkin” Gaither

Despite getting knocked down and bloodied, McCarty defeated Gaither in a unanimous decision that was never really in doubt.

McCarty, a McGlinn senior, overcame a stumble in the first round and quickly landed a blistering series of punches on the off-campus senior, closing out the round in impressive fashion.

The second round saw McCarty require medical attention as a Gaither punch found her nose, sending blood streaming down her face. McCarty recovered, however, and finished the round in remarkable form.

The two continued to brawl into the third and final round, constantly in contact with each other, yet McCarty aggressively showed why she was the better fighter, landing multiple combinations as she cruised to victory.

Ragan “2 Legit 2 Quit” Todd def. Nicole “Cry Me A River” Rivera

In a unanimous decision, Todd, a sophomore from Pangborn, cruised past Rivera en route to victory.

The two fighters refused to dance around and instead were in constant contact throughout the first round. Both landed vicious combinations on the other, yet Todd did so with more frequency.

The second round saw the two trading flurries back and forth with neither able to establish dominance. Todd showed impressive toughness in dealing with multiple blows from Rivera.

Todd came out strong in the third, landing a quick volley of blows to the head and body of Rivera, impressing the judges to the point of a unanimous decision.

Alison “Sha-Zam” Brann def. Charlotte “Vitamin” Seasly

Brann came out of the gate aggressively and won a hard-fought fight with Seasly in a split-decision. Each had their moments, but it was Brann, a sophomore from Lyons, who landed the majority of combinations.

The first round saw Brann aggressively pursue Seasly around the ring, trying to back the Welsh Family junior up against the ropes, but Seasly proved very elusive.

Each fighter landed numerous blows in the second round as the fight slowed down and more punches found their mark.

Brann came out strong in the third, immediately putting Seasly on the defensive, and gained the upper hand in the decisive round and in the match as a whole.

Erin “Just Don’t” McNeill def. Melissa “Do It To It” Truitt

McNeill defeated Truitt handily by unanimous decision, showing impressive reach, keeping the Cavanaugh senior at bay throughout the fight.

Truitt was unable to get inside the long wingspan of McNeill in the first round, as the eventual victor landed punches from distance on the frustrated Truitt.

The second proved to be much of the same for McNeill, who successfully executed a strategy that kept Truitt from landing point-scoring blows. McNeill continued to wear down Truitt into the third.

The final round saw a determined Truitt put up an admirable display, but she was unable to overcome McNeill’s early dominance as the judges delivered a decision of unanimous victory for the off-campus senior.

Kaitlyn “Bulldozer” Cole def. Bethany “The Wall” Freeburg

In an otherwise even fight, Cole used two barrages of punches in the first and second rounds to defeat Freeburg by unanimous decision.

In the first round, the two fighters went at it rather evenly until Cole, a Welsh Family sophomore, pushed Cole, a senior, against the ropes and unleashed a torrent of blows to the head and body of Freeburg, causing the referee to stop the fight at one point.

The second round proved to be much of the same as the two battled for most of the round with Cole again riddling Freeburg with punch after punch as Freeburg tried in vain to escape.

The result of the fight was never in doubt after the first round, and Freeburg was unable to amount any sort of charge in the third round as Cole cruised to victory.

Christina “The Cannon”Buchanan def. Stephanie “The Situation” Sirianni

In a battle of hall mates, Cavanaugh sophomore Christina “The Cannon” Buchanan bested Sirianni, a junior, by split-decision. This closely contested match pitted two very different fighting styles against each other, with Sirianni’s powerful body shots and aggressive offense being met by Buchanan’s slippery defense and quick jabs.

Buchanan used her quickness to dodge blows and land punches while Sirianni was extended in the first round. Sirianni retaliated with a strong offensive in the second that brought the fight back into balance. A fiercely competitive third round, with each fighter going full force until the final bell, came down to just a few points. The repeated one-two combinations Buchanan landed late in this round contributed directly to her victory.

Madeline “The Maddog” Andersen def. Jane “That’s not my name” Obringer

After three tiring rounds, Andersen edged out Obringer in one of the highest-energy fights of the night. An incredible number of punches were thrown, as each boxer came out swinging with the first bell and did not stop until the referee separated them with the chime that ended the round. In a split-decision, Andersen, a sophomore from Welsh Family, used effective blocking, good footwork, and impressive endurance to outlast the fast and numerous punches thrown by Obringer, a junior from Pangborn.

The first round was an evenly matched showcase of athletic prowess as each fighter demonstrated her speed, agility and power. In the second, Obringer fought even more aggressively and managed to spend the majority of the round on offense while Andersen blocked, bobbed and weaved. The third round began in much the same way, with Andersen weathering a storm of blows, but midway through “The Maddog” broke free and retaliated against the tired Obringer, landing punch after punch. These point-earning punches may have tipped the scales in Andersen’s favor, but her good defense and patience were crucial in securing her victory.