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Braving the Winter Wonderland

Kevin Kimberly | Monday, November 22, 2010

The coldness has finally arrived and with it, the dynamics on the hallowed campus of Notre Dame will begin to change. Different attitudes and different fashions will set in as a clear sign that winter is here. Unfortunately, these are not the most positive attitudes and fashions. But that can all change this year! We can come together as one and begin to lay to rest the winter plagues on campus.

Numero uno — The Ugg boots have got to go. I know the words ‘how dare you’ probably just came out of your mouth because they are so comfortable, right? I do not care; this makes me think of the glorious saying when the Crocs came out: “I don’t care how comfortable Crocs are, you look like a (fill in appropriate word).” And it is true for Uggs as well. They are goofy, overpriced, and usually go with nothing you are actually wearing. Functionally, they do no good either because they clear no trails through the snow that I must walk through later in the day, and that is obviously a necessity on this campus. Get a real pair of boots; fabrication is not a style.

Fashion faux pas number two — North Face jackets are really not that cool. Priced on average at $175, I still have not figured out what is so special about these jackets. They do not keep you any warmer than the next jacket on the rack and they are so cliché. Many of them actually look extremely ridiculous as well (cue the ones that make you look like a penguin or the ones that encompass your whole being). I will stick with my sweatshirt, but honestly, I would rather see hundreds of students walking around in Snuggies than these jackets; at least they provide some dynamic.

Now, for the final fashion tip of the season, I would like to put to shame a commonly thought idea here — that it is okay for the ladies to wear leggings but not sweatpants. This could not be any more false. I have no qualms about saying this, but the sweatpants look is definitely in and definitely attractive, and do not pretend like you were not thinking the same thing. It is an easy look to pull off and those criticizing it are just part of the few that cannot actually pull it off. Remember, the only reason we came to Notre Dame is to find a husband/wife, so this is my friendly advice to you to help you in your cause. Sweatpants are a positive, not a negative, and I fully encourage and support them. As for those who choose those skintight leggings, I need not say anything more than what the people you pass are saying.

Winter also brings about a change of heart, if you will, for many. As though there were not enough social interaction issues around here, many of us tend to think that we are like the animals that go into hibernation during the winter. Last time I checked, humans stay functional. It is appropriate to still do things, outside of jetting from one place to the next.

The overlying issue here, though, is that we have to be like everyone else and do what everyone else is doing. Nonsense. Du Lac does not require that you wear Uggs and North Face jackets, not that you would follow it if it did. Maybe that is what needs to happen (paging Father Doyle). Nor is winter synonymous with sadness. You can be happy in the midst of cold temperatures and snow; I swear it is okay. Smiles in place of death glares as you walk about the winter wonderland that is coming is okay and actually encouraged; I promise you. Look around when you step outside and you will see just how right I am and will realize how these two brands have taken over our campus.

But in the midst of the bustle and hustle, I promise you I will be there somewhere, rocking my shorts and flip-flops and jamming out to whatever Christmas song my iPod selected. (Side note: Siegfried’s Day of Man has nothing on me.) You will most likely approach me with a deathly look (see above), or a laugh, and regardless, I will be glad you noticed I steered clear of the trend. Did you?


Kevin Kimberly is a senior majoring in psychology and political science. He is eligible to run for president in 2024 and welcomes campaign slogans and ideas at [email protected]

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