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Saint Mary’s sophomore competes, wins kayak on ‘The Price is Right’

Alicia Smith | Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cara O’Connor-Combee was the next contestant on “The Price Is Right.”

The Saint Mary’s sophomore participated in the game show and won a kayak in an episode that aired on Sept. 21.

“I won a kayak,” she said. “I don’t know, I just think it’s more of a joke now just because it was probably the most embarrassing experience of my life because I had no idea what I was bidding for so I would bid ridiculous amounts on random things.”

O’Connor-Combee said it was difficult to hear as a member of contestant’s row, so she often had no idea what she bidding on.

“You could barely tell what you were bidding when you were bidding because everything going on, there’s cameras all around you and people are screaming the whole time,” she said.

She said she was the first contestant to be called from the stands and was the last contestant to play a pricing game. During the pricing game, O’Connor-Combee failed to win a Mazda 3.

“You get seven dollars and you have to guess a number one by one of the price of the car and for however many you’re off you have to pay a dollar,” she said. “So say you guess a five, but it’s really eight, then you have to pay three dollars, and by the end, you need a dollar to buy the car.”

O’Connor-Combee said she was disappointed she didn’t win the car.

“I lost the car, and I was depressed afterwards for not winning the car, but it’s almost an impossible game to win unless you know the exact price,” she said.

She said each audience member must go through an interviewing process in order to become a potential contestant for the show. During the interview, audience members attempt to gain the producers’ attention in hopes of becoming the next contestant.

“Everyone was really excited but I think it was just to try to get on the show,” she said. “And they try to keep you pumped up. It’s just a cheesy show, you know. So how I got on is I had the whole crowd do a wave during my interview.”

O’Conner-Combee said she wasn’t as excited as she appeared to be on the show.

“I was way too excited for someone to win a kayak,” she said. “Unless you are like an avid kayaker, but [I was excited for] anything. They could have said, ‘oh here’s a new trash can’ and you just like jump for joy, like yes, that’s what I’ve always wanted. That’s the atmosphere. Everyone’s just super cheesy.”

While on the show, O’Conner-Combee went with a group she called “The Bucket List Crew.” She said each member of the group wore a shirt with a bucket list on the front.

“We all had bucket lists on our shirts and everyone had the first one [on the list as] ‘kiss Drew Carey,’ so I kissed Drew Carey and he was an old wrinkly man,” she said.

O’Conner-Combee said she was not impressed with her time on the show.

“I honestly like didn’t have best experience on it, I just think it’s really funny that I got on ‘The Price Is Right,'” she said.

Though she didn’t have the best time, O’Connor-Combee still saw the positives of going on the show.

“I left with more than I had, I guess, and it’s a fun ice-breaker,” she said.