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Julie Hagopian | Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Saint Mary’s Security,

In the beginning of my four years here at Saint Mary’s, I was always more than willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that you actually did some good for this campus. But slowly, I began to lose faith. The intruder on the Regina Hall roof was probably your crowning glory that solidified my doubt in your ability to keep us Saint Mary’s women safe.

For those reading that don’t know, Regina Hall is about 250 feet away from the Security Hut, easily within a five-minute walking distance. It took security over 25 minutes to respond to this, and the man on the roof frightened the girls in the dorm and then ran away. This incident was never resolved and shook the community.

Now, I live in Opus — the senior-only apartment complex — on the first floor. When my family and I inquired about security for the windows, we were told to go to ResLife, which had previously told us to go to security. I do not blame ResLife, as this is completely a security matter. Why would security try to pawn off their responsibility to another unrelated sector of the college? Maybe because they just don’t want to address it themselves.

Today, I got a parking ticket when I ran into the clubhouse for a quick lunch. Why is it that I can leave my car for 15 minutes alone in an unmarked “illegal” spot and get a ticket, but we can’t expect an intruder to be apprehended with in the same time frame? This doesn’t make much sense to me.

Please get off of your golf carts when the campus needs you, and stop preying on parked cars. Chances are that the student owning the car hasn’t eaten for a while, unlike yourselves. Your golf cart seats have an indelible mark from your navy blue pants, and your reputation for ignoring the needs of the Saint Mary’s women have made an equally indelible mark upon our minds.


Julie Hagopian


Opus Hall

Nov. 9