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Joseph Evetts | Monday, January 24, 2011

I found Friday’s front page article on the continuing Lizzy Seeberg saga particularly compelling (“Jenkins: Seeberg investigation had ‘integrity,'” Jan. 21) The accused student’s attorney Mr. Power suggests the existence of cell phone records which significantly contradict Seeberg’s written account of the events. In light of these claims, there is certainly room to view Lizzy Seeberg negatively for the first time. If Mr. Power is correct (and for the sake of fairness this “if” must be stressed) Seeberg’s honesty is called into question and our picture of the events changes drastically. It is distasteful and unproductive to attack the character of a young lady so unfortunately deceased, and I hope no one stoops to that. But I do hope we take this opportunity to realize that not too long ago many of us accused a fellow student of committing a crime so horrible it caused Lizzy Seeberg to kill herself out of shame. We accused Notre Dame of protecting its football program at the expense of Lizzy’s life. We didn’t know a thing about what happened, did we? Really, we still don’t, other than that the reported crime was far more minor than we were initially led to believe. Guys, let’s learn to be gentlemen. And all of us, let’s not be so quick to condemn.

Joseph Evetts


off campus

Jan. 21