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Fashion by Felicia: Fur Hats

Felicia Caponigri | Monday, January 24, 2011

Arriving back on campus from our holidays is always a wistful time. We yearn for the hours spent in heady relaxation after an abundant meal cooked by our parents who are ever so eager and happy to wait on their prodigal offspring returned from the halls of academia. We grieve for the Christmas morning spent opening lovely wrapped packages and eating hot brioche under the tree, and for the hedonism of our New Year’s celebrations which must be replaced with the challenges of new classes and the tediousness of required errands and duties.  Compounding this January season of longing is the Dr. Zhivago landscape in which we find ourselves. Our breath visible in front of us, we gaze on never-ending expanses of Moscow-esque snow which seem to create a mirage of long-lost friends sledding eagerly towards us (just the other day on South Quad I was sure I saw Omar Sharif desperately crying my name and swiftly running as he did so brilliantly in the Dr Zhivago film adaptation of 1965).  

In the face of our daily schleps on campus, our first instincts may be to let ourselves go a bit in the fashion department.  

However, our inner fashionista immediately cries out in protest. Let not the daily grind stifle your inner creative goddess! Come what may: snow drifts, assignments, long lines at Starbucks or broken alarms, we will rally, and instead take inspiration from our surroundings. A  touch of glamour can still be had even in blizzard-like conditions, we say! To see such glamour in action, dear readers, we need only turn our eyes to our relatives across the proverbial pond that so dearly bring us the Russian fur hat.

The Russian fur hat is a delightful topper to any outfit. As an accessory which conveniently rests on the uppermost region of one’s fashion canvas, it will make you visible over the snow banks in a show-stopping way as you salute all the friends you haven’t seen since the week of dreadful finals. Its boxy form ensures that it will keep its shape and not collapse unflatteringly should some unwanted snow fall upon you from a passing building. Meant to be worn low, it will also keep your ears toasty warm, and bring attention to your sparkling eyes.  

For those of us who shudder at the idea of wearing fur (and let’s face it, simply can’t permit ourselves the real thing unless we find it at the bottom of a vintage closet for an irresistible steal) faux-fur is now all the rage thanks to our dear Chanel helmsman Karl Lagerfeld! Pair this hat with everything and anything, from your jeans to your most formal outfit and it will up the ante of your total fashion ensemble. Lest you think this fashion trend is not for you, I must mention that dear Kate Middleton was spotted wearing one of these long before she became Princess-to-be. On our continent, for your convenience, Dillard’s carries this key ingredient to European glamour for only $26.60. With prices and styles like this, that charming prince must step aside. You’re ready for your own close-up.


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