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Joe Deters | Friday, January 28, 2011

Apparently the South Bend City Council passed an ordinance that requires residents to clear the sidewalks in front of their homes within 24 hours of a major snowstorm. Being an off-campus resident, this brought a few things to mind:

1) What in the world is this city council doing that sidewalks are at the top of their agenda? I don’t see a whole lot of people taking leisurely strolls in the nuclear winter outside. These people should be more focused on gun safety and theft — I’m pretty sure the sidewalks aren’t robbing and killing people.

2) Shoveling your sidewalk after EVERY snowstorm in South Bend is equivalent to making your bed every day — I’m just going to sleep in it tomorrow night (or, more likely, in three hours for a nap). These people have probably lived in South Bend their entire lives, so it’s likely that they understand how often it snows here, and, therefore, how often people would have to shovel their sidewalks. If you want to make sure your citizens are working out the recommended 30 minutes-a-day, this is a roundabout way of doing it.

3) If the city of South Bend cannot adequately clear the roads for cars in 24 hours following a snowstorm, how am I expected to clear my sidewalk? I’m a college student, I’m too busy going to classes and Club Fever to do that. But, if the city steps its game up, and I am not sliding up and down my street when I’m trying to drive to campus, I’ll go get my shovel.

#isthisreallife #smh

Joe Deters


off campus

Jan. 27