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Liberated men’s theology

Gail Bederman | Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear Mr. Easley:

As a grizzled veteran who has been a feminist since 1968 or so, I can only say “bravo” to your column. It’s true that you don’t seem to know beans about gender studies (not to mention women’s history). Basically, though, your point is absolutely sound — in fact, it’s orthodox feminism!

There are women who prefer to spend their energies on raising children and caring for their families rather than on their careers. Feminists have always said that these women should be absolutely encouraged to do so. Raising children and caring for those we love are among the most important things people do.

Unfortunately, however, you missed the most crucial point.

There are just as many men who would prefer to spend their time raising their children and caring for those they love than pursuing cutthroat careers! (Or even working dead-end jobs, which is a lot more common).

Unfortunately, these men face even more social and cultural pressure not to pursue these dreams than similarly situated women. All that feminism says that such men should be equally free to pursue their dream of devoting themselves to being a homemaker. (I’m dead serious here — this is not sarcasm.) Why shouldn’t they be able to do so?

Nota bene: for all the women (or gay gays) who’ve read this far: If you do find this kind and caring guy — go for it!

Gail Bederman


Assoc. Prof. of History

Jan. 21