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Open the tunnels

Elizabeth Linnemanstons | Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I’m assuming you must know this by now, but South Bend winters are harsh. The chilling winds can bite through any article of clothing and the countless inches of snow slow us down no matter where we are headed. Not only do these low temperatures pose a threat to our immune system, but the idea of ice hidden on any path poses a physical threat — a broken bone or a twisted ankle is on no one’s agenda this winter.

This is where you come in. As almost all of the campus knows, Notre Dame has an extensive underground tunnel system leading to and from nearly all the important buildings on campus. So here’s my simple proposition: Open those underground tunnels for students and faculty during these bone-chilling months of winter.

Now sure, you may be thinking that this could be dangerous, letting hundreds of people trek through these passages daily. However, with proper guidelines, disciplinary action and constant surveillance, I do not think the members of the Notre Dame community would be disrespectful regarding this. Instead, we all would be grateful. The number of cases of sickness would decrease, the amount of snow-related injuries would decline and students would generally be happier staying out of the harsh South Bend winter.

Just think about it. The opening of the underground tunnels would overall increase the effectiveness of the campus during the cold months. People wouldn’t be hesitant to head to study to the library or go visit their teacher during study hours and Notre Dame would be a more effective and healthy campus.

Thanks for reading,

Elizabeth Linnemanstons


Lewis Hall

Jan. 25