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A Saint Mary’s woman

Allison Kincaid | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I first want to say that I completely agree with “Seriously Saint Mary’s” (Feb. 11). Saint Mary’s does need to calm down when it comes to the Keenan Revue. No, I don’t like it when people make jokes about or insult us randomly, but when it comes to the Revue, I relish in the comedy. It just shows that we are beyond awesome, and they don’t know how to handle it besides making fun of us. And it is hilarious!

However, I do want to say something to the statement that we should “start acting more like our counterparts across the street” in order to get the jokes to stop. Personally, I resent that statement. Why would I want to act like a Notre Dame student at all? Not that I have anything against them, but I go to Saint Mary’s, I will act like a Saint Mary’s student, not a Notre Dame one, and not a “SMC Chick” either. In reality, it is the minority of our small population actually in that category. Whereas, the majority do like to visit Notre Dame, join clubs, see friends, and, in the past, have dinner. If anything, I hear more jokes and insults on Notre Dame people than Saint Mary’s, partly because they have such a bigger school and partly because I just went to the Revue this past weekend. Also, none of my Notre Dame friends, boys and girls, think I or any Saint Mary’s girls are stupid/idiots, except for those select few that have receive the title “SMC Chick.”

In short, yes, we do need to relax when talking about the Revue, but to stop all other jokes we do NOT need to start “acting like our counterparts.”

I am a Saint Mary’s Woman, not a Notre Dame Copy Cat.

Allison Kincaid


Le Mans Hall

Feb. 13