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Bengal Bouts: Fights heat up as competitors move into quarterfinals

Matt Unger, Megan Golden, Vicky Jacobsen, Sam Gans and Matthew DeFranks | Wednesday, February 23, 2011

134 pounds

Joe “Sweet Cheeks” Decker def. Gregory “John C.” Reilly

It did not take long for the O’Neill resident Decker to throw several powerful punches to Reilly’s head, and Reilly did not have much of a response other than to hold back in defense. Decker had the sophomore Reilly cornered with no option but to throw several ineffectual jabs to Decker’s stomach. Decker’s response included a combination of punches to Reilly’s head.  Reilly reached the point when he was struggling to continue, causing the referee to stop the contest midway through the second round, and Decker claimed an easy victory.

Jack “Rico Suave” Lally def. Anthony “Lucky” Lucisano

At the sound of the bell, Lally threw combination punches to Lucisano’s head, forcing Lucisano to back away from him. Lucisano had no response, and he feigned punches to Lally’s head in defense. In the second round, Lucisano, a sophomore, came back and took control by knocking Lally to the ground almost immediately. Lally got back on his feet and responded by throwing several powerful punches tying Lucisano up. In a well-contested third round, both Lally and Lucisano exchanged combination punches for much of the round. Near the end of the third round, Lally cornered Lucisano and twisted him up, leaving him with nowhere to go just before the end of the bout. The sophomore Lally defeated Lucisano in an intense matchup by a unanimous decision.

Niels Seim def. Nicholas “N” Rowek

In the first round, Seim and Rowek, both sophomores, attempted to discern each other’s fighting style by dancing around the middle of the ring and exchanging jabs to the head. However, the fighting opened up in the second round, when Rowek came out aggressively seeking to land blows to Seim’s head. Seim managed to dodge the blows and turn the fight in his favor towards the end of the round with a few jabs to Rowek. In the final round, Rowek successfully landed punches, but Seim regained his composure and delivered a strong right hook to Rowek’s face, which resulted in the referee giving Rowek eight seconds to recover. With some blows to Rowek’s face and body at the end of the round, Seim solidified his victory in a split decision.

Daniel Rodriguez def. Patrick Todd

Rodriguez started the fight in a dominating fashion, landing multiple blows to Todd’s face. Todd finished the first round with some success in delivering a few quick jabs to the freshman’s head. This momentum carried into the second round for the grad student as he cornered Rodriguez into the corner of the ring and connected on a successful combination of jabs. Todd also managed to land a punch to his opponent’s face at the start of the third round before Rodriguez took over. The freshman executed multiple successful combination moves, in which he delivered four jabs and quickly darted out of the way to avoid any counter blows. Rodriguez controlled the pace of the fight in the third round. This effort managed to earn Rodriguez victory in a unanimous decision.

143 pounds

Brett “Italian Ice” Sassetti def. Cameron Shane

Sassetti came out in the first round with combination punches to Shane’s chest, but Shane, a senior, responded well with consecutive left hook shots at Sassetti’s neck.  Sassetti appeared to lose strength after being punched in the head numerous times, but he was not finished fighting.  In the second round, Sassetti had the advantage, tying Shane up and folding his body up several times within the round. Sassetti followed Shane frantically around the ring in the third round, Shane throwing powerful punches to Sassetti’s face early in the round.  Sassetti threw a hook to Shane’s right side, knocking him down near the ropes for the victory by unanimous decision.

Will “The Thrill” Peterson def. Samuel “Can I Getta” Kaulbach

Peterson opened the bout with a defensive maneuver, as he fought off a few punches from senior Kaulbach by wrapping his arms around Kaulbach’s head and tying him up in the first round. Peterson had no trouble pinning Kaulbach against the ropes and throwing powerful punches to his head. Kaulbach had little energy to fight back, taking much time to gather his footing. After a 45-second break, Kaulbach could not respond in the second round as Peterson continued throwing powerful punches to Kaulbach’s chest, causing the referee to end the contest. Peterson, a freshman, defeated Kaulbach when the referee stopped the contest in the second round.

Christopher “Sparta Hands” Torres def. Nicholas Bock

Torres and Bock started the bout exchanging an equal number of punches and remained in stances low to the ground to guard against body punches. Bock tried to assert control of the fight at the start of the second round when he pushed his freshman opponent into the ropes. However, Torres gained control of the fight for good when he worked his way out of the corner by delivering successful counter blows to the senior’s face. He followed this escape with a strong right hook to Bock’s face causing his nose to bleed and led to the referee to temporarily stopping the fight. When the fight resumed in the third round, Torres continued to have success with his three-punch combination move and easily deflected Bock’s counter-punches. Torres proved victorious in a unanimous decision.

Kevin “Get ‘Er” Dunne def. Timothy “Timbo Slice” Kissling

Dunne’s domination of the fight began in the first round, when he was able to land his combination move numerous times, featuring short quick jabs to Kissling’s face and body. Dunne also cornered his junior opponent in the ring, delivering up to ten straight punches before the referee separated the two. In the second round, the sophomore continued his success with his jabs combo. Dunne later used his agile footwork to quell a comeback attempt by Kissling, who landed a few successful punches at the end of the second and start of third rounds. He solidified his victory in the third round in delivering a strong right hand blow to Kissling’s face. Dunne won the fight in unanimous decision.

148 pounds

Brian “The BK Special” Koepsel def. Michael “No Retreat” McCormick

At the referee’s signal, both senior Koepsel and sophomore McCormick opened the bout in the first round with powerful punches to one another’s heads. The first round was evenly matched as neither Koepsel or McCormick had noticeably weakened.  Koepsel, the Sarasota native, stepped up in the duel and jabbed McCormick in the chest numerous times.  McCormick was unable to fight off the punches, and Koepsel fought relentlessly at the end of the second round. McCormick returned several punches to Koepsel’s head in the final round, but it was not enough to overcome Koepsel’s strength, as he was unaffected by McCormick’s jabs. In a bout that began pretty balanced, the off-campus resident Koepsel defeated McCormick by a unanimous decision.

Ryan “Welcome to the Jungle” Slaney def. Michael “The Mad Man” Allare

In the first round, Slaney took Allare in circles around the ring with powerful punches to Allare’s head. Slaney used the space on the ring to his advantage, forcing Allare to move in whichever direction he desired. With a large advantage, Slaney held his fists in front of his face in defense, as Allare threw combination punches to Slaney’s head in attempt to fight back. Both Slaney and Allare fought in the center of the ring in the second round, feigning punches and refraining from throwing many powerful punches. In the third round, Slaney threw a few hooks at Allare’s chest, and Allare was unable to hide his pain. Slaney finished strong by pinning Allare up against the ropes to end the round. A senior from Carroll Hall, Slaney was very active in the ring, moving Allare to all corners and defeating the sophomore by a unanimous decision.

Kevin Ortenzio def. James “Mankind” Walsh

The fight commenced with Ortenzio landing multiple jabs on Walsh, connecting on his face with as many as eight consecutive punches at a time. The referee stopped the fight early for Walsh to recover, but Ortenzio, a junior, never let up his aggression on his sophomore opponent. The second round featured more of the same with Ortenzio causing his sophomore opponent to dance around the ring to avoid his quick jabs. The referee delayed the fight twice in the second round due to damage to Walsh’s nose, and the second stoppage permanently ended the fight. Ortenzio won the fight by the referee stopping the contest.

Benjamin “The Crush from Russia” Eichler def. Sebastian

“The Hispanic Causing Panic” De Las Casas

Following a slow start to the fight in which the freshmen traded positions in the center of the ring, De Las Casas looked to break through by landing jabs on Eichler, causing him to retreat in defense. But Eichler quickly shifted the fight in his favor by the end of the first round, landing four consecutive left-handed punches to his opponent’s face. Eichler carried his dominance into the second round as he delivered multiple hooks and jab moves. In the final round, De Las Casas took a few shots on Eichler’s face, causing his nose to bleed and the fight to be delayed. Despite suffering more damage than his opponent, Eichler continued to successfully land more punches and was victorious in a unanimous decision.

154 pounds

Inoh Choe def. Thomas “Stos” Voutsos

From the first point of contact Choe made with Voutsos, it was evident that Choe came to fight and steal the victory in this bout. Choe wore a look of determination and confidence that no one was going to stop him, as he would often smile and wave his arms in front of Voutsos. Choe opened the first round with energy, throwing powerful punches to Voutsos’ head. Voutsos had no response for Choe, as he held his fists up in defense, attempting to throw a few punches to Choe’s head. Choe, a Hawaii native, quickly knocked Voutsos to the ground in the second round, and continued fighting Voutsos at full strength. Not letting down at all, Choe walked Voutsos around the ring, jabbing Voutsos relentlessly in the chest as the third round ended. Encouraged by his fan support, Choe, from St. Edward’s Hall, defeated the freshman Voutsos by a unanimous decision.

Alex “Gatito Loco” Oloriz def. Gregory “Come On Big Orca!” Cunningham

Cunningham, a junior from New York, threw combination punches at Oloriz right at the bell, and Oloriz was not quick enough to fight back. Cunningham threw numerous punches to Oloriz’s face, taking the advantage in the first round.  Oloriz did not give in, though, and he regained his position after the break. Oloriz threw a powerful hook to Cunningham’s head in the second round, and Cunningham struggled to create any response for the sophomore. Oloriz did not give in to Cunningham’s jabs in the third round, as the California native, Oloriz, took complete control by the end of the round. It originally looked as if Cunningham had the edge, but Oloriz, a resident of Morrissey, defeated Cunningham by a split decision.

Thomas “The Mean Justifies the” Enzweiler def. Sean Mullen

Both fighters started the fight aggressively, but Enzweiler showcased his athletic footwork early when he was cornered by Mullen on the ropes and turned the tables to land two combination jabs. Enzweiler continued to cause his junior opponent to misfire on punches in the second round. Also, the senior connected on as many as six punches in a row to Mullen’s face in the second round. Mullen, desperately needing a strong final round, tried to accelerate the pace of the fight in the final frame. However, Enzweiler continued to deliver the majority of successful punches including a powerful combination of left-right hooks to his opponent’s face. For Enzweiler, his quick jabs unquestionably justified the end result of the fight in his favor by a unanimous decision.

Michael “Blinded by the White” Magill def. Nick “The Renegade” Raic

Magill’s unique fighting style quickly became apparent in the first round as he sought to limit his opponent’s punches with his footwork while waiting for key opportunities to deliver quick jabs. Even when Raic cornered the junior at the end of the round and delivered a couple jabs to the face, Magill escaped with short, combination punches. The fight continued without many punches in the second round as Magill maneuvered about the sides of the ring, but he managed to connect on a few jabs. He executed this style successfully again in the third round, limiting Raic’s opportunities to deliver any counter-shots. Magill emerged victorious in a unanimous decision.

157 pounds

Paul “Hawaii K.O.” Hayes def. Daniel Leicht

This matchup was by no means decided until the end of the third round. In the first round, powerful hooks from sophomore Leicht quickly dropped Hayes down on his knees, and Hayes showed frustration and a lack of confidence as he fell to the ground. Hayes fought back with numerous combination punches in the second round, however, and Leicht’s only response was a few jabs to Hayes’ head, which did not affect Hayes’ performance at all. Hayes then opened the next round with powerful punches, and Leicht’s effort was not enough to contain Hayes’ strength. Hayes, the off-campus senior defeated Leicht in a highly contested bout by a split decision.

Colin “The Lion” King def. Ryan Carey

King, a sophomore, worked senior Carey around the ring in the first round, jabbing him in the head and tying him up in the middle of the ring. King showed great poise and confidence as he led Carey around the ring and took advantage of the space he had. In the second round, Carey began by throwing several combination punches to King’s lower body, and King responded with powerful punches that deflated Carey’s energy. King chased Carey down in the final round, by sprinting across the ring and fiercely pinning Carey against the ropes. Carey fell through the ropes to the floor of the ring, almost falling down to the ground. King, the sophomore from Sorin, brought more strength with each round, and defeated Carey with confidence by a unanimous decision.

Jeff “Lil Bear” Ulrich def. Jamie “Sweet Rays of Sunshine” Koepsel

Both fighters aimed to fight an aggressive bout, delivering as many punches as possible and making it one of the more competitive matches of the day. Koepsel gained an edge at the end of the first round with four jabs to Ulrich’s face. The second round went back and forth as each fighter cornered the other, but Ulrich managed to assert control in pushing his senior opponent into the ropes and landing multiple face and body punches. In the decisive final round, Ulrich, a sophomore, constantly swung at his opponent, landing Koepsel against the ropes twice. Ulrich began to dominate the fight in the third round, but both fighters were clearly exhausted by the end from their aggressive fighting styles. Ulrich proved victorious in a unanimous decision.

Nicholas “El Toro” Yulan def. William “The Haymaker” Hayman

Yulan quickly took control of the fight with powerful left-right combinations that damaged Hayman and left spectators wincing in awe. While the senior Hayman managed to land a few blows at the end of the first round, his freshman opponent delivered the vast majority of successful punches in the bout. The second round showcased Yulan’s dominance when he knocked Hayman to the ground after pinning him against the ropes and delivering at least 12 consecutive punches to Yulan’s face and body. The referee stopped the fight twice in this round to allow Hayman to recover, but a stunning right hook by Yulan sent him to the ground one final time. Yulan won the contest after the referee ended it in the second round.

160 pounds

Matthew “It’s Almost Wake Week” Labriola def. Alec “Pretty Boy” MacDonell

Labriola and MacDonell danced around the ring in an evenly matched first round, but the junior Labriola got down to business in the second round, landing several body shots on the freshman MacDonell. The Sorin College freshman finally took advantage of his long wingspan and closed out the second round with a resounding punch to Labriola’s mouth. MacDonell repeatedly made contact with Labriola in the third round, but the junior seemed impervious to the blows, and Labriola was named the winner by split decision.

Ryan Alberdi def. Dan “The Polish Hammer” Jasinski

Alberdi got off to a quick start, immediately going on the attack against Jasinski. The law student attempted to turn the tables and chased Alberdi into a corner in the last seconds of the first round, but the Sorin College sophomore fought his way out of danger. Jasinski started the second round on the offensive, but his blows were deflected by Alberdi. In the third round, the sophomore lunged forward to try and strike Jasinski, leaving him vulnerable to a hook that knocked him off balance and onto the mat. Alberdi quickly recovered and ended the bout with an offensive barrage. The judges awarded Alberdi the victory by unanimous decision.

Robert Powers def. Terry “Twinkletoes” Howell

In this battle of senior fighters, Powers quickly gained an advantage with his combination punch that alternated between Howell’s body and head. In the first round, Powers had his opponent in retreat with this move and delivered many powerful body shots. The second round saw more of the same as Powers’ mix between body and head punches left Howell off balance and unable to counter. In the third round, Powers’ shots to the face caused the referee to stop the bout to give Howell an eight-second recovery. When the match resumed, Powers continued to dominate and advanced to the semifinals with a unanimous decision victory.

Mark “Ridin’ Solo” Iandolo def. Patrick “Boom Boom” Bishop

Iandolo proved to be the aggressor in the first round of the fight, connecting on numerous blows to Bishop’s face. The senior used a quick two-punch combination move to send Bishop, a sophomore, into retreat. In the second round, Bishop managed to find some success in landing left-handed jabs to Iandolo’s face. However, the third round saw Iandolo dominate, connecting on six jabs in a row at one point and eight jabs in a row at another. He also managed to move Bishop against the ropes, where he continued to connect on punches. Iandolo won the fight in a unanimous decision.

167 Pounds

Richard “Mr. Glass” McAvoy def. Daniel Griess

McAvoy took control early in the first round, backing Griess into the ropes in the first few seconds. Griess gained momentum after a wild swipe from McAvoy failed to make contact, and Griess, a freshman from Keenan, ended the first round by landing a blow on the law student’s forehead. McAvoy regained control of the match in the second round when he backed the freshman into the ropes and then into a corner. Griess came out strong in the final round, even backing McAvoy into a corner, but McAvoy was declared the winner of the bout by split decision.

Jake “One Blow” Joe def. John Healy

The Sorin College sophomore Joe was unfazed by the early onslaught from Healy, responding with a hook that left the sophomore from Duncan sprawled on the ground. Joe then closed the first round with a barrage that trapped Healy in a corner. Joe was knocked off balance early in the second round, and Healy slipped and fell just a few seconds later, but Joe regained momentum when he cornered the Duncan sophomore for the second time in as many rounds. Healy began to show signs of fatigue in the third round, and Joe became the victor by unanimous decision.

Brian “Yeah, Cool Beans” Salvi def. William “I Sunk Your Battleship” Hull

Hull, a senior, came out aggressive against the law student Salvi, landing a few jabs early. However, later in the first round, Salvi landed a big right hook, knocking Hull to the mat and leading the referee to stop the match, with Salvi victorious by the referee stopping the contest.

David “Mountain Man” Cray def. Christopher “Fuhaluvus” LaCosta

The junior LaCosta came out in the first round aggressive, landing a few successful jabs. The senior Cray responded with some combinations of his own, leading to an even first round.

The second round consisted of more heavy punches, as Cray and LaCosta each knocked the other back a few times with some big hooks.

The third round began evenly. However, as the round continued LaCosta began to tire. Cray was able to take an advantage and land a large number of punches towards the end of the round, and earn the unanimous decision.

170 Pounds

Connor “The Skeletor” Skelly def. Daniel “Dan Dan Revolution” Chapman

Both fighters bided their time in the opening seconds of the bout, as Skelly attempted to use his considerable arm span to make contact with Chapman, but the Stanford junior blocked most of early jabs. “The Skeletor” opened the second round by fending off an offensive barrage from Chapman, and retaliated with a straight punch that landed on the side of Chapman’s head. The Stanford junior dealt a few blows to Skelly’s abdomen early in the third round, but he was repaid with an audible punch to the face, and “The Skeletor” was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Nick Severyn def. Joseph “Send in the Troll” Garrity

Severyn waited a few moments before unleashing a barrage on Garrity, who immediately returned the favor, and the two flew around the ring trading punches for the rest of the first round. Garrity, a junior from Dillon, tried to land the first punch of the second round, but he was countered by Severyn, who quickly took control of the round. Garrity again threw the first punch of the third round, but Severyn returned the junior’s effort with a thunderous blow to the face. Severyn was named the winner of the rousing bout by unanimous decision.

Greg Bennett def. Daniel “The Conquistador” Balcarcel

Bennett, a junior, and Balcarcel, a sophomore, each took similar styles in the first round. Both competitors attempted numerous large punches, but neither landed many, as both were too far apart from each other, with a defensive strategy, and the round finished even.

In the second round, Bennett came out aggressive, landing a barrage of punches and pushing Balcarcel back against the ropes. Balcarcel responded strongly, landing some jabs of his own, but Bennett ended the round on top, as he took control near the end.

The third round lacked the intensity of the second as each boxer took a careful approach. Balcarcel landed some jabs late in the round, but it was not enough to win, as Bennett was awarded the match by split decision.

Robert “I’m All Jacked Up on Mountain Dew” Manfreda def. Kevin Kray

Early in the round, neither fighter attempted to do too much, with few heavy punches thrown. However, as the round continued, the sophomore Manfreda began to take control, by knocking Kray, a senior, to the ropes on three separate occasions.

The second round began similarly to how the first round ended, as Manfreda knocked Kray into the corner again. Manfreda continued to hold control of the match, landing a series of punches.

In the third, Kray came out strong, trying to even the match, and landed a few jabs successfully. He continued his strong round by landing some uppercuts, but he could not make up enough of the deficit, and Manfreda won by split decision.

176 pounds

Giacomo Minafra def. Brian “Half Man, Half Hair” O’Connor

O’Connor went in for the early hits, by Minafra was the first to make serious contact, and the Zahm junior was able to dodge most of O’Connor’s swipes. The senior tried to trap Minafra in a corner in the opening seconds of the second round, but the Zahmbie was the one to land punches instead. O’Connor was finally able to make contact with his opponent in the third round, but it was not enough to win the match, and Minafra won by unanimous decision

Dominic “Warsaw Warhammer” Golab def. Joseph “Bag o’ Donuts” Sweeney

Golab ducked several early punches from Sweeney and went on the offensive, landing several body shots on the sophomore from Siegfried. The senior began the second round by blocking a punch from Sweeney, and took control of the round from there. The “Warsaw Warhammer” remained in control through the end of the third round, repeatedly battering the Siegfried sophomore’s head on his way to being declared the victor by unanimous decision.

Bernardo “Blue” Garcia def. Alphonse Harding

Neither fighter could establish control early in the first round, as both fighters did not land many punches. Towards the end of the round, the senior Garcia began to take the lead against the freshman Harding, with a series of jabs and combos. At the end of the round, Garcia landed a hard punch to the head of Harding, cutting him, and postponing the match briefly.

Early in the second round, Garcia landed another hard uppercut against Harding, cutting him once more, and leading to the referee deciding to stop the contest 15 seconds into the second round.

Adrian “Yo Adrian” Moreno def. Paul “Paul from the Hall” Barron

Moreno, a junior, and Barron, a freshman, each began the first round conservatively. Toward the middle of the round Moreno landed a big hook against Barron that cut the Alumni resident, briefly stopping the match just before the first round concluded. Moreno ended the round with the lead in points.

Moreno began the second round aggressively. However, Barron landed a hard uppercut, to knock Moreno against the ropes. Moreno soon countered with another large punch, cutting Barron again. After the match resumed, a third punch again caused Barron to get cut, and the referee stopped the contest one minute and 14 seconds into the second round, with Moreno the victor.

182 pounds

William “The Captain” Paape def. Matt Enzweiler

Enzweiler made first contact in what proved to be an evenly matched first round. The Dillon sophomore again landed the first hit in the second round, but Paape was able to escape after backing into the ropes. “The Captain” took command in the third round, backing Enzweiler into a corner and deflecting many of the Dillon resident’s blows. Paape was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Tom “Son of Ted” Carnevale def. Rob “All Gloves No Love” Cimino

Carnevale quickly took command of the match by backing Cimino into a corner in the first seconds of the bout, and the law student remained stuck in the corner for the rest of the competition. Cimino tumbled to the ground after a body shot early in the second round, and the match had to be paused while the law student received medical attention later in the round. The referee stopped the contest in the third round after Cimino was knocked to the ground by a blow to the head, making Carnevale the winner.

Urciuoli, a senior, landed some combos early in the first round, to take control, and DiPiero, a sophomore, responded with some jabs. However, as the first round continued, Urciuoli landed some big punches and uppercuts, and gained full control of the match.

DiPiero came out aggressively in the second round, and landed a few combos successfully. But as the round continued, Urciuoli landed a large number of heavy punches.

Urciuoli, not content to stand back with the lead, came out aggressively in the third round, and landed many hooks and jabs, to continue his strong performance for the match. He ended up earning the unanimous decision.

Tyler “Tuna” Plantz def. Rich “Scooter” Neville

Both Plantz and Neville came out aggressive, and each landed combos and punches early. As the first round continued, the freshman Plantz knocked his fellow freshman Neville to the corner ropes with a number of punches, and caused the referee to briefly stop the fight.

Early in the second round, Plantz continued his control, landing a series of combos, and knocking Neville against the ropes. Late in the round, Neville responded with a series of jabs to make it closer.

In the third round, Plantz continued the aggressiveness, knocking out Neville’s mouthpiece after a few hooks. The delay to clean the mouthpiece seemed to energize Neville, as he landed a series of punches after that. Plantz’ strong first and second rounds were more than enough to carry him to a unanimous victory, however.

192 pounds

Tim “The Brick” Wallace def. Pat Handy

Wallace opened the first round aggressively, but Handy ducked many of his swings. Handy lunged in for a big punch early in the second round, and fought his way out after being trapped against the ropes. However, his next punches glanced off the body of his opponent. Both fighters held back at the beginning of the third round, and it wasn’t until the round was half over that “The Brick” landed hits on Handy. The extremely evenly-fought match was decided in favor of Wallace by a split decision.

Alex Macomber def. Jack Johnson

Macomber advanced due to a medical scratch.

Bill “The Italian Stallion” Straccia def. Matt “Don’t Tell My Mom” Stolze

In a battle between off-campus seniors, Straccia came out swinging in the first round, hammering Stolze with a string of powerful left jabs. He was also able to avoid many of Stolze’s punches with his quickness and agility, darting and ducking out of the way. The attack only continued in the second round, with Straccia showcasing his repertoire with right hooks and uppercuts, forcing the referee to count. The fight, however, continued. In the third round, a flurry by Straccia forced Stolze against the ropes before Stolze escaped. With a grunt with every punch, Straccia forced Stolze to adjust his headgear on numerous occasions before ultimately grabbing a unanimous decision victory.

Mike “The Bringer of Rain” Doran def. Pat “Ryan” Griffin

Both seniors came out strong, with neither being able to gain an advantage early in the first round. Later in the round, Doran used a few punches and evasive footwork to take the upper hand.

Griffin began the second round strong with a series of jabs. But as the round wore on, Doran began to take control with uppercuts to the body and combos to the head, eventually knocking Doran to the ropes just before the bell.

In the third round, Griffin came out aggressive. However, towards the middle of the round, Griffin injured his ankle. Griffin decided to fight through the pain, but near the end of the round the referee decided to stop the contest, ruling that Griffin was too injured to continue.

198 pounds

Daniel Yi def. Eric “What the” Frick

Yi began the match by taking advantage of his long arms, repeatedly jabbing Frick. It didn’t take Frick long to respond, however, and he knocked Yi off balance after trapping the Sorin College freshman against the ropes. Yi batted away a powerful punch from Frick early in the second round, and battled his way out of a dangerous situation after being backed into the ropes. The Siegfried sophomore again went on the attack at the beginning of the third round, but Yi successfully fended off Frick and was named the winner by unanimous decision.

Chris Sarkis def. Evan Wray

Sarkis advanced by a medical scratch.

Daniel Hyzak def. James Hasson

Hyzak got off to a rough start, becoming off balance and hopping around before being out on the ropes by the off campus senior Hasson. The off-campus law student Hyzak rebounded, however, throwing some impressive connecting right jabs. Hasson’s agility enabled him to duck Hyzak’s punches before throwing a huge right hook of his own about midway through the second round. The rest of the round was highlighted by close-range body shots. A hotly contested third round saw the two fighters exchange jabs before Hyzak was able to connect on a couple jabs. Hyzak took the split decision for the win.

Brian “Caesar” Salat def. Jordan Smith

In a defensive oriented first round full of hands up and ducking, neither fighter was able to get any clean shots on the other. When the off campus senior Smith got put on the ropes in the second round, he was able to escape and land a powerful left jab on the Zahm sophomore Salat. The two right-handers traded a series of left jabs before Sal