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Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 143 Pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nicholas Bock def. John Flores

Boosted by an early edge in the first round, Bock hung on to defeat Flores. In the early going, Bock was able to land multiple big blows on the Keenan sophomore. Flores, however, battled back against the off-campus senior in the final stanza, ducking the big hooks while also landing some shots on the tired Bock. It was not enough, however, as Bock took a unanimous decision.

Christopher “Sparta Hands” Torres def. Daniel Panzl

Freshman Christopher Torres looked more like the senior in this matchup, dominating the fight from the outset with a mighty right hand and combinations of body shots and powerful strikes to the head. Torres’ right hook caught Panzl off-guard multiple times, stunning the senior into a defensive strategy that worked to Torres’ advantage. The second round proved to be the difference in this fight, as Torres outlasted the retreating Panzl with an energetic flurry of strikes that was too much to overcome despite a valiant third round by the senior. Torres won in a unanimous decision

Cameron Shane def. Nicholas “El Nuevo” Martinez

In control throughout the fight, the off-campus senior Shane defeated the Dillon freshman Martinez. Following a powerful punch from Shane, the freshman stumbled into the ropes but resisted going down. The bout had to be stopped on four different occasions because of blood coming from Martinez. On the final stoppage, 30 seconds into the third round, the referee called the fight and awarded the victory to Shane.

Brett “Italian Ice” Sassetti def. Joel Hlavaty

In a matchup between freshmen, Hlavaty came out firing, catching his opponent off balance with his left while pairing jabs with winding strikes that rarely missed. Sassetti, however, worked his way back with quick body jabs that gave him room to strike Hlavaty while ducking potentially devastating blows from his opponent. Meanwhile, Hlavaty came back strong with an eruption of strikes that nearly turned the match in his favor. But the strategy and power of Sassetti proved to be too much as he used the corners to his advantage, limiting Hlavaty’s agility while constantly landing quick strikes. Sassetti triumphed, in a fight that was much closer than the unanimous decision would indicate.

Timothy “Timbo Slice” Kissling def. James “Jay-Z” Ziemba

A hotly contested first round was highlighted by both fighters landing punches, but neither the junior Kissling nor the freshman Ziemba could land a big one. Kissling was able to manage a few jabs to bruise Ziemba in the second round. The freshman, however, responded in the third round, cornering and hammering the junior. It was not enough though, as Kissling won by split decision.

Kevin “Get ‘Er” Dunne def. Mike “Hidden Valley Zesty Ranch” Dressing

In a matchup of speed versus power, speed prevailed as the quick-punching sophomore Kevin Dunne overcame the height difference of his senior opponent. The lankier, taller Dressing used his length to land several jabs but Dunne was quick to rebound using his agility to keep Dressing off balance throughout the match. The highlight of Dunne’s unyielding quickness came at the start of the second round, when the sophomore was relentless with a fury of lightning-quick jabs that rendered Dressing helpless and unable to recover in the end as Dunne earned the unanimous victory.

Will “The Thrill” Peterson def. Jeff Wang

In an uncharacteristically defensive fight, neither boxer was able to land powerful punches on the other fighter. The lanky O’Neill freshman Peterson, however, was able to gain an advantage on the Fisher sophomore with body blows and timely shots to the head. The tired fighters exchanged right hooks in the third frame almost simultaneously. In the end, though, Peterson pulled out a unanimous decision to win.

Samuel “Can I Getta” Kaulbach wins by default over Matthew Romano

Kaulbach advanced by default due to a Romano injury.