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Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 148 Pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kevin Ortenzio def. Joshua “Sunshine” Whelan

Throwing punches early and often, the Siegfried junior Ortenzio connected on many of them, easily handling the Dillon freshman Whelan. Using a full repertoire of jabs, hooks and uppercuts, Ortenzio continually cornered Whelan and hit him with body shots. The junior took a unanimous decision.

James “Mankind” Walsh def. Jerel “Yellow Fever” Ho

Senior Jerel Ho came out with a definite strategy to start the match, but that strategy soon backfired as he fell victim to sophomore James Walsh’s lengthy strikes. Ho started the match with a flurry of body strikes followed immediately by a defensive position, where he would also dart to different corners of the ring to tire his opponent. But by the third round, both fighters felt the strategy’s effect as Walsh’s size and power withstood the senior’s tactics as Ho flailed with futile punches. Walsh landed enough strikes to earn the victory by unanimous decision.

Brian “The BK Special” Koepsel def. Robert “Hamburglar” Berger

In a hard-hitting affair, the off-campus senior continually pounded the Zahm sophomore. After a thunderous punch from Koepsel, Berger stumbled but refused to fall. The other two rounds unfolded similarly, with Koepsel pinning Berger on the ropes before raining down a series punches, tiring out the sophomore. The senior pulled out a unanimous decision.

Michael “No Retreat” McCormick def. Kevin Stewart

Sophomore Michael McCormick came out with a profusion of energy — almost too much energy. The sophomore started off with a flurry of punches, followed by numerous jabs that never gave freshman opponent Kevin Stewart any room to move in the opening round. The freshman soon fought back, however, rebounding with a strong second round that contained his opponent’s erratic approach. McCormick rallied in the third round with a series of combinations to combat Stewart’s long reach despite tiring out in the final minute, earning a split decision win in a closely contested match.

Benjamin “The Crusha from Russia” Eichler def. Alessandro “Ale-Ale-ssandro” Cardenas

In an entertaining back-and-forth affair, the St. Edward’s freshman Eichler was able to outlast the Alumni sophomore Cardenas. After being put on the ropes in the first round, Cardenas responded by knocking Eichler down in the second round. In the third round, the fighters exchanged big blows, including wild flails and devastating blows. Nevertheless, Eichler was victorious in the end by unanimous decision.

Sebastian “The Hispanic Causing Panic” De Las Casas def. Robert Gallagher

In what was an exciting fight throughout, freshman Sebastian De Las Casas did indeed cause his senior opponent to panic en route to a unanimous decision victory. De Las Casas looked more like the seasoned veteran, as he remained poised and composed throughout the match amid the senior’s wildly thrown punches. The freshman knocked Gallagher down multiple times, using a combination of deceptive left jabs and overwhelming right hooks. Gallagher’s comeback attempt was too-little-too-late as the freshman served up a diet of quick strikes that left his opponent helpless.

Ryan “Welcome to the Jungle” Slaney def. Brian “Pope” Benedict

The off-campus senior Slaney hammered away early and often against the Carroll sophomore Benedict, pulling away for a victory. While the first round was relatively equal, the remaining two rounds leaned more towards Slaney. The senior was able to land consecutive shots multiple times on the sophomore. Ultimately, one big hook thrown by Slaney was the difference. Slaney won in a unanimous decision.


Michael “The Mad Man” Allare def. Sean Cogan

Sophomore Michael Allare lived up to his nickname as he came out of the gates like a mad man, landing multiple shots on Cogan and never looking back. Allare completely dominated the first two rounds, striking with a relentless fury of quick punches as he kept his opponent off balance and retreating into the ropes. The freshman Cogan tried to rely on combinations using jabs to the body but Allare always had an answer for them with a devastating right that shook up his opponent, giving him the unanimous decision.