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Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 154 Pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thomas “The Mean Justifies the” Enzweiler def. Robert “Bloomer” Blume

Blume came out of the gate aggressively but Enzweiler maintained his composure and defense as Blume began to tire. In the final round Enzweiler went all-out with a few substantial headshots that ultimately gave him the split decision victory.

Sean Mullen def. Philip “The Spear” Kissling

Both fighters got off to a hectic start, wildly throwing punches without respite for the first half-minute. Mullen found relief in his low-based stance, which allowed the senior to gain leverage with a series of vicious uppercuts. Kissling constantly found himself backpedaling as Mullen controlled the match with a flurried onset followed by a more calculated approach using occasional strikes to the head. The freshman Kissling tried to recover midway through the second round but was stifled by Mullen’s merciless attack. Mullen won by unanimous decision in a battle that had the entire arena roaring with excitement.

Inoh “Lights Out” Choe def. Andrew “The Juggernaut” Ofsonka

The Hawaiian native Choe immediately set the tone with a blow that knocked Ofsonka to the ground within the first ten seconds of the contest. By the second round Choe’s power had all but overwhelmed the junior as Choe was declared the victor after the referee stopped the contest.

Thomas “Stos” Voutsos def. Steve “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Marzo

Voutsos dominated the bout early on, landing several punches on the side of Marzo’s head. The fight had to be stopped so Marzo could receive medical attention, and although he returned to the fight, the next hard hit from Voutsos sent him reeling. The referee ended the contest while Marzo received help from the trainers for the second time to give Voutsos the win.

Michael “Blinded by the White” Magill def. Nicholas “Just Ate a Hot Pocket” Blashill

Though the contest of the Keough men began with impressive parrying on both sides, Magill started to take control of the fight late in the first round. Blashill tried to regain some ground in the second but Magill was able to defend the haphazard attack. Magill owned the third round, and the judges rewarded him with a unanimous victory.

Nick “The Renegade” Raic def. Chris “The Italian Stallion” Losco

Raic and Losco came out of the gates quickly, and neither was able to gain the upper hand in an exciting first round. In the ensuing round, however, Losco suffered a punch to the nose, and several visits from the medical staff were not enough to stop the bleeding. Although the Stanford sophomore continued fighting aggressively in between trips to the trainers and seemed more than willing to continue the contest, the referee was forced to halt the action and awarded the victory to Raic.

Alex “El Gatito Loco” Oloriz def. Matthew “The Madman” Peters

A sophomore and runner-up to last year’s title, Oloriz controlled the freshman Peters from the outset, alternating between head and body shots as Peters tried to defend. Oloriz landed two big headshots that knocked Peters’ mouth guard loose, and though Peters stuck around until the final bell, Oloriz garnered a unanimous victory.

Greg “Come On Big Orca!” Cunningham def. Alex “Thunder Road” Richer

Cunningham was in control of the fight the whole way, repeatedly backing Richer into the ropes. Although Richer began the third round with renewed energy, an offensive barrage from Cunningham again pushed the lanky senior into a corner. Soon afterwards, Cunningham knocked out Richer’s mouth guard, and the action was suspended while it was cleaned. Although the two fighters were able to go the distance, Cunningham was declared the victor by unanimous decision.