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Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 170 pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Wednesday, February 16, 2011

170 Pounds

Connor “The Skeletor” Skelly def. Sukesh “Cosmic Tiger” Shekar

The grad-student Shekar knocked the junior Skelly back into a corner with a few early haymakers. Shekar tired as the round went on, however, as Skelly landed many jabs and uppercuts. Both fighters landed many jabs, combinations, and uppercuts in the first 15 seconds of the second round. Skelly took control near the end of the round, as the referee had to check on Shekar after a few punches. Both fighters fatigued in the third round, and fewer punches were thrown than the first two rounds. Skelly landed a few towards the end, however, to gain full control of the match, and win unanimously.

Kevin Kray def. Grant “The Grantelope” Erickson

Erickson attempted to land a few punches early, but Kray used agility and footwork to avoid them. Late in the first round, Kray landed a few jabs and uppercuts to take the lead. Both seniors exchanged jabs early in the second round. In the middle of the round, the match was stopped briefly due to a cut Erickson received on his face. Kray then landed another big punch later in the round. The match was stopped again early in the third round after Erickson began bleeding again. The referee stopped the match a third time late in the third round so the trainer could again attend to Erickson just before the bell, and Kray earned the unanimous decision.

Nick Severyn def. Israel “The Sugar” Peck

The fight began slowly as both fighters took a defensive approach. The senior Severyn landed a few jabs late in the round, and the grad student Peck countered with a few punches. The second round was more intense as Severyn came out highly aggressive, landing many punches. Peck rose well to the challenge, and each knocked the other against the ropes twice. Severyn, however, took control in the third round and landed a big punch on Peck near the end of the fight, cementing the unanimous decision.

Daniel “The Conquistador” Balcarcel def. Tyler ” Raging Bull” Thomas

Balcarcel took control of the fight early in the first round with as many as seven jabs at a time to Thomas’ face. The sophomore also darted away from the freshman Thomas’ counter-blows. The start of the second round was a repeat of first, with Balcarcel’s jabs overwhelming Thomas. While Thomas started the final round with some success in connecting on blows to his opponent’s head, the sophomore never lost control. Balcarcel emerged victorious in a unanimous decision.


Daniel “Dan Dan Revolution” Chapman def. Gerrit “Son of Hob” Hobson

One of the more even preliminary round matches started with the junior Chapman gaining a slight edge in the number of blows to the freshman Hobson’s face while both fighters tried to discern the other’s style. In the second round, the freshman Hobson took control, twice leading his junior opponent into the ropes and landing a left-right combo jab move on him. Chapman came through in the third round to earn a narrow victory by initiating the round with multiple jabs to his opponent’s head. The judges awarded Chapman victory in a split decision.


Robert “I’m All Jacked Up on Mountain Dew” Manfreda def. Nick “Gimme Some Fries with That” Grasberger

Throughout most of the first round, the fight looked like an even match before Manfreda closed with an onslaught of punches to Grasberger’s face. The sophomore continued where he left off in the second round with more jabs until the referee delayed the fight for medical staff to attend to junior Grasberger’s nose. After the fight resumed, Manfreda continued to dominate with multiple blows to his opponent’s body and face, resulting in the judges giving him the victory in a unanimous decision.


Joseph “Send in the Troll” Garrity def. Ryan “Rhino” Murphy

The intra-hall bout between the two juniors from Dillon Hall turned in Garrity’s favor in the second round, when he pinned Murphy against the ropes and landed multiple face and body shots. While Murphy entered the third round aggressively, Garrity quickly suppressed any notion of a comeback. He frustrated his opponent with as many as ten jabs at a time to the head and body, leaving no time for counter-blows. Garrity earned the victory in a unanimous decision.