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Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 176 pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alphonse Harding def. Michael Rice

The freshman Harding took control early, landing numerous big punches at the beginning of the first round on fellow first-year Rice. The referee had to stop the fight twice in the first round to check on Rice, though he connected on a few punches against Harding near the end of the round. In the second round, however, Harding dominated, eventually causing the referee to stop the match 37 seconds into the round and earned the win by the referee stopping the contest.


Brian “Half Man, Half Hair” O’Connor def. Corey Scott

The fight commenced with O’Connor delivering most of the punches in the first round. It quickly became evenly contested, however, when the junior Scott finished the first round landing shots to his senior opponent’s head and continued the pounding in the second round. The fight was decided in the third round, with O’Connor regaining his composure and fending off a mid-round surge by Scott to earn an edge in the number of shots delivered. O’Connor was the winner by unanimous decision.


Adrian “Yo Adrian” Moreno def. Thomas “The Studman” Stedman

Another intra-hall showdown between Dillon juniors proved more decisive than the first as Moreno took control of the fight in the first round. Moreno’s quick jabs to the face put Stedman on defense, and his aggression carried into the second round. The fight was delayed when Stedman’s nose began spewing blood in the second round. It subsequently ended early in the third round after Moreno’s powerful left-right combo to the head left medical staff attending to Stedman’s nose and Moreno won by the referee stopping the contest.


Joseph “Bag o’ Donuts” Sweeney def. Jose “Can You See” Aguirre

The two fighters felt each other out early, swapping quick flurries of punches. Towards the end of the first round, Aguirre landed a couple of strong combos, and appeared to take the upper hand. Aguirre took that momentum into the second round, overwhelming Sweeney as soon as the bell rang. Sweeney was able to settle in late in the round, and fought his way back into contention. In the final round, Sweeney was able to slow down Aguirre and landed some heavy blows as the fight concluded. That late surge proved to be enough, as Sweeney won by split decision.


Giacomo Minafra def. Lon “El Gingar” Gold

Minafra, a junior southpaw from Zahm House, began the bout as a counter-puncher and ended it as a finisher. Gold came out aggressively in the first round, and Minafra countered to perfection, landing left after hard left to the head of the fifth-year architecture student. Gold fought admirably, but the stronger Minafra proved too much, unleashing a lethal combination of blows to start the second round, and he earned the win 30 seconds into the round by the referee ending the contest.


Paul “Paul from the Hall” Barron def. Ali “I Thought This was Cricket Club” Ahmed

In a battle of two freshmen, Barron emerged victorious in a fight that hung in the balance into the final round. The two came out brawling in the first round as the first 30 seconds saw both fighters throwing punches constantly. They soon tired, however, and by the second round the fighting was noticeably sloppier with fewer punches landed all around. Barron recovered quickly and came out with renewed intensity in the third and used his strong left jab to defeat Ahmed, eventually triumphing by unanimous decision.