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Bengal Bouts: Quarterfinals, 134 pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joe “Sweet Cheeks” Decker def. Gregory “John C.” Reilly

It did not take long for the O’Neill resident Decker to throw several powerful punches to Reilly’s head, and Reilly did not have much of a response other than to hold back in defense. Decker had the sophomore Reilly cornered with no option but to throw several ineffectual jabs to Decker’s stomach. Decker’s response included a combination of punches to Reilly’s head. Reilly reached the point when he was struggling to continue, causing the referee to stop the contest midway through the second round, and Decker claimed an easy victory.

Jack “Rico Suave” Lally def. Anthony “Lucky” Lucisano

At the sound of the bell, Lally threw combination punches to Lucisano’s head, forcing Lucisano to back away from him. Lucisano had no response, and he feigned punches to Lally’s head in defense. In the second round, Lucisano, a sophomore, came back and took control by knocking Lally to the ground almost immediately. Lally got back on his feet and responded by throwing several powerful punches tying Lucisano up. In a well-contested third round, both Lally and Lucisano exchanged combination punches for much of the round. Near the end of the third round,Lally cornered Lucisano and twisted him up, leaving him with nowhere to go just before the end of the bout. The sophomore Lally defeated Lucisano in an intense matchup by a unanimous decision.

Niels Seim def. Nicholas “N” Rowek

In the first round, Seim and Rowek, both sophomores, attempted to discern each other’s fighting style by dancing around the middle of the ring and exchanging jabs to the head. However, the fighting opened up in the second round, when Rowek came out aggressively seeking to land blows to Seim’s head. Seim managed to dodge the blows and turn the fight in his favor towards the end of the round with a few jabs to Rowek. In the final round, Rowek successfully landed punches, but Seim regained his composure and delivered a strong right hook to Rowek’s face, which resulted in the referee giving Rowek eight seconds to recover. With some blows to Rowek’s face and body at the end of the round, Seim solidified his victory in a split decision.

Daniel Rodriguez def. Patrick Todd

Rodriguez started the fight in a dominating fashion, landing multiple blows to Todd’s face. Todd finished the first round with some success in delivering a few quick jabs to the freshman’s head. This momentum carried into the second round for the grad student as he cornered Rodriguez into the corner of the ring and connected on a successful combination of jabs. Todd also managed to land a punch to his opponent’s face at the start of the third round before Rodriguez took over. The freshman executed multiple successful combination moves, in which he delivered four jabs and quickly darted out of the way to avoid any counter blows. Rodriguez controlled the pace of the fight in the third round. This effort managed to earn Rodriguez victory in a unanimous decision.