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Bengal Bouts: Quarterfinals, 143 pounds

Observer Sports Writer | Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brett “Italian Ice” Sassetti def. Cameron Shane

Sassetti came out in the first round with combination punches to Shane’s chest, but Shane, a senior, responded well with consecutive left hook shots at Sassetti’s neck. Sassetti appeared to lose strength after being punched in the head numerous times, but he was not finished fighting. In the second round, Sassetti had the advantage, tying Shane up and folding his body up several times within the round. Sassetti followed Shane frantically around the ring in the third round, Shane throwing powerful punches to Sassetti’s face early in the round. Sassetti threw a hook to Shane’s right side, knocking him down near the ropes for the victory by unanimous decision.

Will “The Thrill” Peterson def. Samuel “Can I Getta” Kaulbach

Peterson opened the bout with a defensive maneuver, as he fought off a few punches from senior Kaulbach by wrapping his arms around Kaulbach’s head and tying him up in the first round. Peterson had no trouble pinning Kaulbach against the ropes and throwing powerful punches to his head. Kaulbach had little energy to fight back, taking much time to gather his footing. After a 45-second break, Kaulbach could not respond in the second round as Peterson continued throwing powerful punches to Kaulbach’s chest, causing the referee to end the contest. Peterson, a freshman, defeated Kaulbach when the referee stopped the contest in the second round.

Christopher “Sparta Hands” Torres def. Nicholas Bock

Torres and Bock started the bout exchanging an equal number of punches and remained in stances low to the ground to guard against body punches. Bock tried to assert control of the fight at the start of the second round when he pushed his freshman opponent into the ropes. However, Torres gained control of the fight for good when he worked his way out of the corner by delivering successful counter blows to the senior’s face. He followed this escape with a strong right hook to Bock’s face causing his nose to bleed and led to the referee to temporarily stopping the fight. When the fight resumed in the third round, Torres continued to have success with his three-punch combination move and easily deflected Bock’s counter-punches. Torres proved victorious in a unanimous decision.

Kevin “Get ‘Er” Dunne def. Timothy “Timbo Slice” Kissling

Dunne’s domination of the fight began in the first round, when he was able to land his combination move numerous times, featuring short quick jabs to Kissling’s face and body. Dunne also cornered his junior opponent in the ring, delivering up to ten straight punches before the referee separated the two. In the second round, the sophomore continued his success with his jabs combo. Dunne later used his agile footwork to quell a comeback attempt by Kissling, who landed a few successful punches at the end of the second and start of third rounds. He solidified his victory in the third round in delivering a strong right hand blow to Kissling’s face. Dunne won the fight in unanimous decision.