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Bengal Bouts: Quarterfinals, 148 pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brian “The BK Special” Koepsel def. Michael “No Retreat” McCormick

At the referee’s signal, both senior Koepsel and sophomore McCormick opened the bout in the first round with powerful punches to one another’s heads. The first round was evenly matched as neither Koepsel or McCormick had noticeably weakened. Koepsel, the Sarasota native, stepped up in the duel and jabbed McCormick in the chest numerous times. McCormick was unable to fight off the punches, and Koepsel fought relentlessly at the end of the second round. McCormick returned several punches to Koepsel’s head in the final round, but it was not enough to overcome Koepsel’s strength, as he was unaffected by McCormick’s jabs. In a bout that began pretty balanced, the off-campus resident Koepsel defeated McCormick by a unanimous decision.

Ryan “Welcome to the Jungle” Slaney def. Michael “The Mad Man” Allare

In the first round, Slaney took Allare in circles around the ring with powerful punches to Allare’s head. Slaney used the space on the ring to his advantage, forcing Allare to move in whichever direction he desired. With a large advantage, Slaney held his fists in front of his face in defense, as Allare threw combination punches to Slaney’s head in attempt to fight back. Both Slaney and Allare fought in the center of the ring in the second round, feigning punches and refraining from throwing many powerful punches. In the third round, Slaney threw a few hooks at Allare’s chest, and Allare was unable to hide his pain. Slaney finished strong by pinning Allare up against the ropes to end the round. A senior from Carroll Hall, Slaney was very active in the ring, moving Allare to all corners and defeating the sophomore by a unanimous decision.

Kevin Ortenzio def. James “Mankind” Walsh

The fight commenced with Ortenzio landing multiple jabs on Walsh, connecting on his face with as many as eight consecutive punches at a time. The referee stopped the fight early for Walsh to recover, but Ortenzio, a junior, never let up his aggression on his sophomore opponent. The second round featured more of the same with Ortenzio causing his sophomore opponent to dance around the ring to avoid his quick jabs. The referee delayed the fight twice in the second round due to damage to Walsh’s nose, and the second stoppage permanently ended the fight. Ortenzio won the fight by the referee stopping the contest.

Benjamin “The Crush from Russia” Eichler def. Sebastian “The Hispanic Causing Panic” De Las Casas

Following a slow start to the fight in which the freshmen traded positions in the center of the ring, De Las Casas looked to break through by landing jabs on Eichler, causing him to retreat in defense. But Eichler quickly shifted the fight in his favor by the end of the first round, landing four consecutive left-handed punches to his opponent’s face. Eichler carried his dominance into the second round as he delivered multiple hooks and jab moves. In the final round, De Las Casas took a few shots on Eichler’s face, causing his nose to bleed and the fight to be delayed. Despite suffering more damage than his opponent, Eichler continued to successfully land more punches and was victorious in a unanimous decision.