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Bengal Bouts: Quarterfinals, 154 pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inoh Choe def. Thomas “Stos” Voutsos

From the first point of contact Choe made with Voutsos, it was evident that Choe came to fight and steal the victory in this bout. Choe wore a look of determination and confidence that no one was going to stop him, as he would often smile and wave his arms in front of Voutsos. Choe opened the first round with energy, throwing powerful punches to Voutsos’ head. Voutsos had no response for Choe, as he held his fists up in defense, attempting to throw a few punches to Choe’s head. Choe, a Hawaii native, quickly knocked Voutsos to the ground in the second round, and continued fighting Voutsos at full strength. Not letting down at all, Choe walked Voutsos around the ring, jabbing Voutsos relentlessly in the chest as the third round ended. Encouraged by his fan support, Choe, from St. Edward’s Hall, defeated the freshman Voutsos by a unanimous decision.

Alex “Gatito Loco” Oloriz def. Gregory “Come On Big Orca!” Cunningham

Cunningham, a junior from New York, threw combination punches at Oloriz right at the bell, and Oloriz was not quick enough to fight back. Cunningham threw numerous punches to Oloriz’s face, taking the advantage in the first round. Oloriz did not give in, though, and he regained his position after the break. Oloriz threw a powerful hook to Cunningham’s head in the second round, and Cunningham struggled to create any response for the sophomore. Oloriz did not give in to Cunningham’s jabs in the third round, as the California native, Oloriz, took complete control by the end of the round. It originally looked as if Cunningham had the edge, but Oloriz, a resident of Morrissey, defeated Cunningham by a split decision.

Thomas “The Mean Justifies the” Enzweiler def. Sean Mullen

Both fighters started the fight aggressively, but Enzweiler showcased his athletic footwork early when he was cornered by Mullen on the ropes and turned the tables to land two combination jabs. Enzweiler continued to cause his junior opponent to misfire on punches in the second round. Also, the senior connected on as many as six punches in a row to Mullen’s face in the second round. Mullen, desperately needing a strong final round, tried to accelerate the pace of the fight in the final frame. However, Enzweiler continued to deliver the majority of successful punches including a powerful combination of left-right hooks to his opponent’s face. For Enzweiler, his quick jabs unquestionably justified the end result of the fight in his favor by a unanimous decision.

Michael “Blinded by the White” Magill def. Nick “The Renegade” Raic

Magill’s unique fighting style quickly became apparent in the first round as he sought to limit his opponent’s punches with his footwork while waiting for key opportunities to deliver quick jabs. Even when Raic cornered the junior at the end of the round and delivered a couple jabs to the face, Magill escaped with short, combination punches. The fight continued without many punches in the second round as Magill maneuvered about the sides of the ring, but he managed to connect on a few jabs. He executed this style successfully again in the third round, limiting Raic’s opportunities to deliver any counter-shots. Magill emerged victorious in a unanimous decision.