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Bengal Bouts: Quarterfinals, 157 pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paul “Hawaii K.O.” Hayes def. Daniel Leicht

This matchup was by no means decided until the end of the third round. In the first round, powerful hooks from sophomore Leicht quickly dropped Hayes down on his knees, and Hayes showed frustration and a lack of confidence as he fell to the ground. Hayes fought back with numerous combination punches in the second round, however, and Leicht’s only response was a few jabs to Hayes’ head, which did not affect Hayes’ performance at all. Hayes then opened the next round with powerful punches, and Leicht’s effort was not enough to contain Hayes’ strength. Hayes, the off-campus senior defeated Leicht in a highly contested bout by a split decision.

Colin “The Lion” King def. Ryan Carey

King, a sophomore, worked senior Carey around the ring in the first round, jabbing him in the head and tying him up in the middle of the ring. King showed great poise and confidence as he led Carey around the ring and took advantage of the space he had. In the second round, Carey began by throwing several combination punches to King’s lower body, and King responded with powerful punches that deflated Carey’s energy. King chased Carey down in the final round, by sprinting across the ring and fiercely pinning Carey against the ropes. Carey fell through the ropes to the floor of the ring, almost falling down to the ground. King, the sophomore from Sorin, brought more strength with each round, and defeated Carey with confidence by a unanimous decision.

Jeff “Lil Bear” Ulrich def. Jamie “Sweet Rays of Sunshine” Koepsel

Both fighters aimed to fight an aggressive bout, delivering as many punches as possible and making it one of the more competitive matches of the day. Koepsel gained an edge at the end of the first round with four jabs to Ulrich’s face. The second round went back and forth as each fighter cornered the other, but Ulrich managed to assert control in pushing his senior opponent into the ropes and landing multiple face and body punches. In the decisive final round, Ulrich, a sophomore, constantly swung at his opponent, landing Koepsel against the ropes twice. Ulrich began to dominate the fight in the third round, but both fighters were clearly exhausted by the end from their aggressive fighting styles. Ulrich proved victorious in a unanimous decision.

Nicholas “El Toro” Yulan def. William “The Haymaker” Hayman

Yulan quickly took control of the fight with powerful left-right combinations that damaged Hayman and left spectators wincing in awe. While the senior Hayman managed to land a few blows at the end of the first round, his freshman opponent delivered the vast majority of successful punches in the bout. The second round showcased Yulan’s dominance when he knocked Hayman to the ground after pinning him against the ropes and delivering at least 12 consecutive punches to Yulan’s face and body. The referee stopped the fight twice in this round to allow Hayman to recover, but a stunning right hook by Yulan sent him to the ground one final time. Yulan won the contest after the referee ended it in the second round.