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Just Go With It’ for a refreshing romantic comedy

Maria Fernandez | Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Expecting another usual and repetitive Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy? Find another movie. Although “Just Go With It” has a simple and somewhat predictable plot, Aniston’s latest project in collaboration with Adam Sandler proves to be surprisingly refreshing and enjoyable.

Aniston plays Katherine, a single mother of two who works as an assistant to Danny (Sandler), a divorced plastic surgeon. Soon after his divorce, the doctor realizes his wedding ring is a magnet with the ladies, and he resorts to employing the band to charm many women.

But his plan suddenly changes when he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a young, beautiful schoolteacher. He decides to hide the ring in his pocket and woo her with a romantic night at the beach. All is well until Palmer finds Danny’s ring and assumes he is married. Then the fun begins.

Instead of being honest about the peculiar purpose of his former wedding ring, Danny makes up a fictitious story about him being currently separated from his wife and on the verge of divorce. Who will he choose to play the part and just go with his lies? Danny convinces Katherine (Aniston) to play his soon-to-be-ex-wife and to include her two kids in the plan as well.

Katherine and her kids have fun with their new fake identities. They dress up and change their names. Maggie, Katherine’s daughter, even uses a British accent when acting in front of Palmer. But, ultimately, Danny’s plan fails. One lie turns into many lies that are, in the end, impossible to hide. He finally ends up falling in love with Katherine, his best friend and accomplice in this crazy and funny journey to win the heart of a younger woman.

The efforts of the whole cast were indispensable for the success of this movie. The kids’ witty humor and Decker’s sweet and innocent character worked perfectly and entertained the whole audience. But most of all, Aniston and Sandler’s genuine chemistry made this movie an amusing romantic comedy. They complimented each other flawlessly and made us laugh with their crazy ideas and strategies.

This movie will have you laughing from beginning to end. It is a great option to watch with a group of friends during the weekend. As the title suggests, you just have to go with it.