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Just laugh, ladies

Megan Flaherty | Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear all the people freaking out over the Keenan Revue,

Please calm down. It was comedy skits written for one reason — comedy. They weren’t putting personal names of women at Saint Mary’s in the skits. What, did you expect them not to talk about us? It was called “Too Big for Saint Mary’s” (which I thought was brilliant). These skits are not written down and published for the world to see. It’s not like everyone outside “the bubble” thinks when you hear “Saint Mary’s College,” it’s “Oh yeah, I heard in the Keenan Revue they said they were sleazy and dumb. I am going to believe what they have to say”. The only negative remarks I have heard about the Revue was what I have read in the latest Viewpoints.

Personally, I was looking forward to the Revue all week. I had a tough week and needed to cheer up and what better way to do it then laugh at yourself and others. I saw the Revue on Thursday when it was a fresh little creation these men had made so I got to see the “original stuff” and trust me it was not that bad. I think it is healthy to laugh at yourself once in awhile. It is not like you see Jimmy Clausen or Golden Tate writing to the Viewpoint and complaining about how they were the punch line of an entire skit. And they have been getting made fun of for the last three Revues I have seen! Also, I have not read one article about the men who were parading around in nothing but short shorts and at times getting a little too close for comfort during certain dance scenes. Technically they were being discriminated against for being purely objects while they showed off their bodies (which is a wonderful part of the Revue) to raise money and get some excitement out of the women in their presence. I don’t hear any males at Notre Dame getting up in arms about it. Face it, we live in a society where sex sells. It is terrible but it’s true.

I will say this though. There were a lot of jabs at Saint Mary’s College for various things that I could laugh at and brush off my shoulders (even the Education major stab) except one thing. To the men who wrote the script — did you really have to call us fat? That is just rude. Did your mom ever teach you some manners?

So overall I hope everyone can take a chill pill for a second and just laugh at yourself. We all need some laughter in this stressful time in our lives. We all know who we are and should be comfortable enough to have a giggle. Also, I hope no one takes my response too seriously. I just wanted to voice my opinion like so many have in the past that I do respect.

Yours truly (and proud to be a SMC Chick),

Megan Flaherty


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Feb. 15