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Keenan should be proud

Alex Deak | Thursday, February 17, 2011

Students of Notre Dame:

My name is Alex Deak, you may remember me as the skunk from “The Worst Musical Ever,” of the critically-acclaimed and uncensored 2010 Revue. Let me preface this letter with the fact that I not only did not see the Revue, I have not even heard the content of the jokes involved. What I have seen is the strong character of the Keenan guys who are now sophomores, juniors and seniors. Having been involved with the Revue for several years, I know that the idea is never to hurt anyone or attack anyone personally. We just try to say what everyone’s thinking but afraid to say, except we do it on stage, often dressed as animals or women.

Our mantra, through all of the things that happened with Saint Mary’s and all of the content problems we have had in the past, has been that the show must go on. But Saturday’s situation was basically impossible — only five skits uncensored? And the show went on. So, guys, you did a great job, and though I’m sure it wasn’t as funny as last year, I’m very proud of how you handled yourselves.

My only words to you, SAO, are that you should be embarrassed. You dropped the ball here; you had every chance to view the material beforehand and clearly didn’t. If any students were hurt by the jokes in the Revue, then I am sure that was not Keenan’s intention, and SAO should have prevented it from happening instead of being reactionary and throwing the Saturday show into question. I am as disappointed in the administration as I am proud of the Keenan guys.

So guys, keep your heads up, and keep the Revue just the way it is.

Alex Deak


Class of 2010

Feb. 15