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Kevin Noonan and Matthew Thomas

Observer staff | Friday, February 11, 2011

Who They Are:

Freshmen Kevin Noonan and Matt Thomas represent Zahm House this year, running on its annual ticket for the student body president and vice president. Although many students think their campaign is simply a chance for the residents of Zahm to poke fun at student government, Noonan, who writes for The Observer’s Scene section, said his motivation lies deeper.

“I’m doing this solely to make friends,” Noonan said. “I have yet to.”

In Their Words    

  • Top Priority: Noonan and Thomas said they plan to construct a giant magic dome over campus through which they can control the weather as well as the surrounding scenery. “Something like The Truman Show mixed with the dining hall from Harry Potter,” Noonan said.
  • First Priority: The pair said their first act after being elected would be banning vegans from campus. “I’m sensing some kind of conspiracy going on there,” Noonan said. “They’re doing something, and we plan on finding out what.” This act would be followed closely by the elimination of Keenan Hall, Thomas said.

In Our Words

  • Best Idea: “Hangover Hours” in the dining halls on Saturdays and Sundays from 2-4 p.m. Students schedules often vary on weekends, and more flexible hours at the dining halls would prove helpful for many.
  • Most Feasible Idea: None.
  • Least Feasible Idea: The construction of a new food court in place of Keenan Hall. Keenan will most likely remain standing, and LaFortune Student Center with its many eateries is less than five minutes away from the proposed food court.
Fun Facts: Noonan has appeared as a “before” model on many commercials such as Hydroxycut and Acutane. Thomas was on the famous team of wizards that defeated Lord Voldemort.
  • Notable Quote: “Lower standards, fewer memories, that’s how I live my life,” Noonan, on his outlook on life, which he plans to establish at Notre Dame.

Bottom Line

Noonan and Thomas continue an annual Zahm Hall tradition by running for student body president and vice president with no prior student government experience and a very slim chance of winning the election. The election could be tense with so many names on the ballots, but Noonan and Thomas offer both a nice break from the solemn atmosphere, as well as some good entertainment for the student body.