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Kudos to Transpo

Caitlin Guffy | Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I’ve gotta hand it to the transportation “services” that are at our fingertips here in the Bend for Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame students. What other school provides a “personal van service,” so dearly known as Blinky, to usher you from the ice rink of a parking lot to your dorm doorstep at 1 a.m. just so you can avoid the tundra known as South Bend? Kudos.

Not to mention the great South Bend cabs (we all have our personal favorites) that shuttle all of us to our Fever and CJ’s destinations throughout the week so we can play hard after working hard all week. In addition to arriving safely, and after some good cab conversation, our Transpo service providers even throw in some extra-good loving with their customer service! Returning our missing student IDs, our sweaters and our bags. Gotta hand it to them, they deserve a gold star for their concierge. Kudos.

And last but not least is the security hut. Although Saint Mary’s security often gets heat for its incessant distribution of parking tickets, they do deserve a little recognition for their TLC. After Saturday’s Saint Mary’s formal, I got a call from the little security hut that my “winter clothing articles” had been found and were awaiting my arrival. If that isn’t personalized and high quality service I don’t really know what is.

Thank you, Transpo services and little security hut. You have made my winter a bit warmer and helped me to recover my precious, lost articles while always remaining chatty and loyal.

Caitlin Guffy


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