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Practical men

Brian Metz | Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Monday’s Viewpoint section, Notre Dame junior David Mahin of Siegfried Hall wrote in to the Editor publicizing Siegfried’s “Day of Man.” While I fully endorse Mr. Mahin and the Ramblers’ collective support for the South Bend Center for the Homeless — the recipient organization of the money raised by Siegfried’s “Day of Man”— I nonetheless wholeheartedly dispute the overt connotation of “man” with “toughness.”

The Ramblers have their hearts in the right place; raising money for the homeless is a noble cause. But their “Day of Man” (consciously or not) encourages a phallocentric, discriminatory culture, and perpetuates the stereotype that to be a man, one must be tough.

I would argue that man is defined by more than his “rippling abs,” “bulging biceps” or ability to wear flip-flops in February. Man can be many things; man can even be practical. So feel free to put on a sweatshirt or bundle up with a toboggan.

Support the homeless. But be cognizant: you’re no less a man when wearing layers.


Brian Metz


Knott Hall

Feb. 7