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Representatives debate campus job board site

| Tuesday, February 22, 2011

At this week’s Council of Representatives (COR) meeting, student body president Catherine Soler sought feedback on possible reforms to the student employment process at Notre Dame.

Feedback from students during the campaign season brought the problems with the job board site to Soler’s attention, she said.

“A little over 40 percent of students have a job on campus so obviously student employment is something that affects a lot of people,” she said. “Some of the complaints we’ve heard is that the website really isn’t comprehensive, it’s not updated all the time and there are a lot more jobs that are available that aren’t on the website.”

Soler said she contacted the Office of Student Employment, part of the Office of Financial Aid, to inquire about the process of assembling the job board.

“Departments are supposed to reach out to [the Office] with opportunities for jobs to go up there,” she said. “And then they’re supposed to contact [the Office] when it’s filled.”

Soler said the number of students seeking or participating in campus employment warrants a more comprehensive and helpful site.

“I think this is a great disservice to students because you should have one spot where you can find all the employment opportunities,” she said. “Especially considering how many people are employed on campus.”

Ricky Bevington, director of the First Undergraduate Experience in Leadership (FUEL), said the job board should contain information on all types of on-campus positions, not just those currently looking for applicants.

“I think it would still be nice to have a list of all the positions, not necessarily a position available to apply for at the time,” he said. “So they see the times when those people may be hired, or even the people to contact for them … so they know how to plan for the future and know when to look.”

Off-campus president Ryan Hawley said he thought the board could be updated more efficiently if additions did not have to be made through someone in the Office of Student Employment.

“Maybe we can develop a system where it’s not controlled by just one person,” he said. “So [that person] doesn’t have to solicit all of them, that everybody from every department can just log on and put jobs up there.”

Soler said the Office of Student Employment was receptive to ideas on improving the job board in the future.