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Ricky Bevington and Olivia Colangelo

Observer staff | Friday, February 11, 2011

Who They Are:

Presidential candidate Ricky Bevington is a sophomore in Sorin College and director of the First Undergraduate Experience in Leadership (FUEL) program. He is a Program of Liberal Studies major. Olivia Colangelo is a junior in McGlinn Hall, where she serves as hall president. She is a civil engineering major.

In their words

  • Top Priority: Bevington and Colangelo cite University teamwork as one of their main goals, and their top priority is to put a student voice on the University’s Board of Trustees.
  • First Priority: If elected, this ticket’s first move will be to install printers in all academic buildings, especially O’Shaughnessy Hall, for students’ convenience.

In our words

  • Best Idea: An annual State of the University address. Different leadership groups on campus would share with the Notre Dame community their goals for the year and their plans for achieving these goals.
  • Worst Idea: Creating a dorm equality commission to compare and correct differences in dorm experiences would not be efficient or necessary. Each dorm has a unique style, and hall councils can more effectively address any problems in dorm experience than an overarching committee.
  • Most Feasible Idea: Printers in all the academic buildings. Many academic buildings have printing stations already, so this goal is definitely within reach.
  • Least Feasible Idea: Stepan Center pep rallies for more sports. Even football pep rallies are not always well-attended.
  • Fun Facts: Bevington and Colangelo have known each other since they were 12 years-old. The two attended the same middle school and high school in Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Notable Quote: “Students aren’t just people who live here part of the year. They’re people that really care about [South Bend] and really want to get involved, and we want to be able to show that”- Bevington

Bottom Line

Bevington and Colangelo’s ideas apply to a broad range of student concerns. Some of their ideas may be logistically difficult but their core goals of university teamwork, student body unity and student government efficiency are a solid base for their platform.