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Stress relievers

Bill Shields | Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We need some stress relievers. Notre Dame students work hard, so we need a way to let out that stress in a fun (maybe not safe) way. I propose three ideas that, if watched over, could provide a good way to relieve that stress, along with a new way of speeding up the walk to class.

First: sledding over Stepan Center. Imagine if all the dirt from construction projects were to be piled up on top of Stepan Center. It would stop the leaky roof, while giving students a place to enjoy themselves! Plus, the exercise involved climbing a hill would keep everyone a little bit healthier.

Second: zip lining out of the library. Imagine if students were running late to a class because they had lost track of time in the library. Wouldn’t it be easier to just go to the top floor and zip line from there to that building? Some buildings would be too far away, but many would be serviced. Jordan, Galvin, Decio and possibly even O’Shaughnessy and DeBartolo could be connected by the web of lines! The harnesses could even have a mechanism for being pulled back up!

Third: ice skating on the reflecting pool. The reflecting pool could be filled with (uncolored) water in November, and let to freeze. From there, kids could skate whenever they felt they needed a break! The proximity to the library would be more convenient than a trip to LaFortune for a study break. For many, the JACC ice rink is too far and only open at specific times. There could be a fee for renting or using the rink, for those who need some earnings from an idea. However, it would be a better idea just to make it free during the week and a fee on weekends. Plus, it would remain frozen because of the lovely weather.

Finally, none of these have to be open all the time! During the days, the ice rink could be closed, and during the weekend the zip line could be closed.

Thank you for considering my proposal!

Bill Shields


Stanford Hall

Feb. 1